The Evolutionary Success Path With Hula Networks

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Hula Networks, established in 2000 is the bay area’s most trusted IT hardware and services VAR. Hula Networks is NOT here for “quick one-time sales, or a fast buck transaction”. Our goal is to form true long-term partnerships with our customers, the IT community and vendors alike. Our long-term success has been built one relationship at a time.

We work in conjunction with our trusted OEM partners offering our customers the right technology at the best possible price point. Your success is our # 1 Priority. Hula Networks puts our customers in the driver’s seat with the latest, greatest, best of breed technologies with a realistic budget and your future growth plans in mind.

Whether your company is in startup phase, dealing with legacy technology that needs to be fork-lifted out, or need help with an IT project while keeping costs in mind we can help you move into the future. Hula Networks will always provide low cost, quality, tested networking products that will match your business needs and allow you to grow. With our knowledgeable staff and certified engineers, we can position the correct technologies with a strategic plan in mind to not only to upgrade technology as needs change but BUY BACK the gear you replaced! Hula’s extensive buyback program is focused on total cost of ownership, providing our customers with the best ROI on decommissioned IT equipment. Hula Networks can apply the value of your legacy IT hardware toward the purchase of new IT Equipment or as an outright cash purchase adding funds to your IT budget.

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In cooperation with our OEM partners we will support, and warranty ALL products provided. In this revolutionary cooperation with OEM partners we can provide the support needed, the right products at the right price and a growth path that suits your network needs and vision.

Join the Revolution and evolve today with Hula Networks. Call today: 866-HULANET or e-mail at