TestRigor AI – The AI-Powered Crawler Replacing Tedious Manual Tests With Autonomous, Self-Healing Regression Tests

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Read an interview with Ross Murray-Jones, Co-Founder at TestRigor AI.

Q: What is TestRigor AI?

A: Within 30 mins, our crawler auto-tests your web, iOS and Android functionality to generate a thousand automated end-to-end regression tests. With every subsequent release, our engine will automatically adapt your test suite to cover new functionality and potential issues.

No coding, training or recording required. We’ll even check whether your web pages have rendered properly using a neural net for that ‘extra peace of mind’.

Q: Why is TestRigor’s solution relevant today?

A: Customers are demanding more features and better products faster than ever resulting in the functionality and performance of a web or mobile app becoming increasingly important and difficult to deliver. Meanwhile, the industry is shifting towards a CI/CD pipeline implementation requiring continuous testing yet current incumbents still rely too much on humans to get the job done. This is slow and inefficient vs machines.

TestRigor’s goal is to dramatically, and within 30mins, increase your test coverage so you can ship with confidence and reallocate valuable engineering resources to core business activities.

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Q: How exactly does the platform work?

A: TestRigor has unique machine learning algorithms capable of understanding the most complex flows and UI complexity. Our sophisticated crawler and ML mimic human behavior to autonomously detect, generate and test one thousand end-to-end user testing scenarios based on business logic (e.g. a booking flow for the travel industry).

Essentially, we generate data-driven regression tests with no human involvement. We then automatically maintain and adapt those tests in subsequent releases for new bugs or features. Our classification engine has already processed tens of millions of unique workflows and UI elements, we get smarter with every new run.

Q: Who is this built for?

A: Our solution is ideal for customer-facing software businesses in highly competitive industries where release cadence is a key differentiator. Think travel or retail, where the user experience and rapid release cycles are critical to the success of the business. We’re already working with three of the largest travel booking platforms globally so our AI has extensive experience creating and self-healing smoke tests for websites with booking flows (e.g. search, discover and booking a flight).

TestRigor is built to serve organizations who truly value the quality of each individual customer experience and are ready to optimize their QA testing efforts with AI.

And finally, for the developers out there reading this who are tired of writing and supporting manual tests, TestRigor gives you the opportunity to get back to the sophisticated and critical work you’d probably rather be doing.

Q: Why is TestRigor better than manual testing?

A: We believe regression testing should be executed by machines. There is still room for manual testing in specific code changes or white-box testing. For regression, TestRigor’s AI is fully autonomous and 10x faster whilst being able to improve test coverage to above 95% for our customers. For those reasons, we are more reliable, more efficient and cheaper too. We allow dev and QA teams to focus their valuable engineering resources on building products vs testing them.

And because we’re driven by ML, you can use our crawler 24x7x365, whenever you need regression results quickly. No more manual tests or maintaining outdated test scripts.

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Q: How do customers think about autonomous testing? I can see people being skeptical that TestRigor can fully automate testing.

A: We’re receiving positive feedback from our customers in travel and retail. One improved the productivity of their engineering team by reallocating significant resources away from testing. With full coverage test results in 30 minutes or less and set up in mere minutes, we also make their development lifecycle healthier. TestRigor improves their release cadence and makes their business more flexible and elastic to support fast-moving product requirements.

Regression testing from the perspective of a human’s eyes, TestRigor will even check whether pages render correctly, so customers can genuinely trust results and achieve CI/CD in full confidence.