Technology Platform Claro Applies Machine Learning To Deliver Unique Workforce Insights

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Claro is a technology platform that applies machine learning to develop unique workforce insights, which help organizations improve employee engagement, reduce voluntary attrition, and discover diverse talent faster. Below is our recent interview with Jarrell Chalmers, Marketing Manager at Claro:

Q: What are some of the specific use cases you can share on how consumers can leverage your platform?

A: Claro clients are typically organization with 2,000 employees or more. Some organizations use our real-time analytics platform to better understand job seeking behavior patterns that might lead to voluntary resignations within their workforce, while others might use our platform to perform competitive employee sentiment benchmarking, or supply and demand or workforce planning activities.

One of the more prominent use cases of Claro is in the Talent Acquisition process. There is fierce competition for talent in this tight labor market, while diversity and inclusion (D&I) remains a top priority for most organizations. Claro not only helps companies talent market map and develop diversity recruitment strategies, the technology also helps to prioritize top candidates so that companies know who to contact first.

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Q: What makes Claro different?

A: While we offer talent search and workforce analytics at global scale, our offering is unique in that we focus exclusively on extracting relevant and actionable insights from social channels and enabling people to interact with the information visually. Our clients tell us that our product is like nothing else they’ve ever seen, which serves as validation for our differentiation.

Q: You’ve recently raised $1.1M in new funding led by Beta Bayview; could you tell us something more?

A: The new funding will fuel product development and client expansion. Claro has also expanded sales and marketing efforts and has made key new hires including Craig Katz to the positions of Senior Vice President, Sales, and Jarrell Chalmers to the position of Marketing Manager.

Q: Why do we need to change the way job seekers get the inside scoop on companies?

A: Claro powers a new social platform for job seekers called Privy. People can visit Privy to learn which companies have more job seeking activities by their employees, typically not a good signal, and also engage in a community with other job seekers to discuss work/life at their companies of interest. We addressed some of this in one of our latest blog articles. Company review sites like Glassdoor don’t provide objective data. There has been data published, which suggests how companies could be gaming Glassdoor to get better ratings. For instance, SpaceX recruiter Brittany Jacobson sent emails encouraging employees to post reviews in order to make Glassdoor’s ‘Best’ list. Claro analyzes behavior based on machine learning instead of tabulating and averaging suspect user “feedback,” which makes Privy, which is powered by Claro technology, the only application of its kind to offer potential job seekers the unbiased, inside scoop on companies along with a free-flowing discussion community.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Claro’s vision is a more transparent and frictionless global workforce, where the human cloud will perform the right work, at the right place, at the right time. This model of just-in-time matching of talent with work, coupled with increased corporate social responsibility will make it necessary for companies and job seekers to have access to real-time market intelligence about the global workforce.

While we believe sites like LinkedIn , Monster , UpWork , and Jobcase will be instrumental in distributing opportunity to the expansive global workforce, they have left a niche void in providing actionable workforce analytics to help companies make just-in-time decisions to identify and retain diverse talent. We see Claro dominating this niche with innovative technology that helps organizations make better workforce decisions based on actionable people analytics.

Last Updated on January 3, 2020