Technology Expense Management Platform Cimpl Provides Several Levels Of Automation To Help Businesses Save Time And Money

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Technology Expense Management (TEM) platform Cimpl is leading the revolution in IT, telecom, and cloud expense management. The solution helps businesses keep track of an accurate inventory of all IT and technology assets, manage and optimize telecom costs, and save time by automating menial tasks and things like invoice processing. Cimpl provides tools and support for invoice and contract management, inventory management, ordering and provisioning, sourcing management, usage management, dispute management, and reporting and BI analytics. By combining all of these, Cimpl manages the Enterprise Digital Footprint, allowing businesses to take back control of their technology costs while gaining clarity over their assets and expenses. Below is our interview with Caroline C. Lebrun, Marketing Director at Cimpl:


Q: Caroline, could you give us more insights into your platform?

A: Specifically, the platform includes a variety of essential services for managing the overall Enterprise Digital Footprint. Cimpl manages invoices and contracts by comparing rate plans to contract agreements, and through assessing invoices for accuracy. Cimpl identifies any and all billing discrepancies and manages the disputes for you. The role-based access allows for employees, managers and administrators to place orders and manage provisioning, while keeping track of it all in an accurate inventory. In clear-cut dashboards and through configurable reports, employee usage is monitored and can be easily invoiced so that employees are kept up to date on their compliance and specific expenses. This level of clarity allows for seamless business unit accountability.

Cimpl provides several levels of automation to help businesses save time for the more important stuff. This includes things like automating workflows, automating chargeback and showback costs to business units, report scheduling, and so forth. Cimpl also brings actionable data analytics in its reporting and business intelligence. Data can easily be viewed and shared with others.

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Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: Cimpl is located in Canada and its main focus is North America with upcoming expansion into Europe.

Q: What makes Cimpl a good choice?

A: Cimpl provides three brand promises:

1) Save Money – By optimizing costs, promoting cost transparency and accountability, displaying clear-cut usage data, and through seeking out billing discrepancies by comparing contracts to actual bills.
2) Save Time – By automating a variety of everyday processes and menial tasks, allowing for businesses to spend valuable time on other, more important tasks.
3) Keep an Accurate Inventory – Cimpl maintains an accurate inventory of all IT and technology assets, allowing businesses to know where their assets are, who is using them, and how they are being used. Broken, lost, or unused devices can quickly be identified and removed. By retiring zero-usage devices, Cimpl saves businesses money on obsolete devices that would have otherwise incurred costs.

Cimpl stands out by going the extra mile for businesses. Many TEM platforms focus solely on billing discrepancies and contract rates through invoice validation. Cimpl provides much more by analyzing multiple data sets, not only billing information, it flips the term Telecom Expense Management and turns it into Technology Expense Management. The all-inclusive platform creates major savings for businesses in multiple areas that expand outside of just telecom.

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Q: What are your plans for the next six months?

A: Over the next 6 months, as a cloud-based multi-tenant platform we focus on continually delivering more value to our customers through new product releases and updates. We continue looking at other types of service categories that we can manage in the platform to provide our customers with more visibility over their spend and inventory. Cimpl not only looks at the product itself but also how we can improve the overall customer experience, this has directed us to release an online, interactive user guide that will allow for users to easily search through a database to answer any questions they may have. The guide will be made up of articles and screenshots with detailed instructions. Cimpl also plans to host additional live demonstration and training webinars.

Last Updated on September 13, 2017