Task Unicorn Automates Businesses To Free Owners From Work Overload

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Below is our recent interview with Andre Oschadlin, CEO at Task Unicorn:

Q: Andre, can you tell us something more about your background and Task Unicorn?

A: I’m a serial entrepreneur who has built many businesses over the years and learned first hand what it takes to launch and grow a business from scratch. What I learned is that you never have enough cash to hire everyone you want to and you never have enough time to do it all yourself. Oh the joy of missing out on social events, family events and general life, all for that ultimate goal. I felt like those early stages of building and running a business were incredibly exciting and at the same time felt like a trap until you could break out of that orbit.

And so Task Unicorn was born. I wanted a solution for myself that would allow me to leverage anything at all that would help me stay on top of the million things a day that I had to tackle. What we ended up with was a platform that allows people to manage and systematize all the various aspects of their business, allowing them to scale as fast as they want.

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Q: How exactly do you help businesses grow in a controlled manner?

A: Task Unicorn focuses solely on helping businesses grow, by reducing expenses, freeing up time and so growing the bottom line.

To make that a reality, we have a 3 pronged approach.

1. track everything happening in your business. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. (Organize)

2. systematize the processes in your business. Create consistent and repeatable processes to help you, your team, your suppliers and your customers. (Automate)

3. change the low value tasks in your processes to be executed by 3rd parties. These 3rd parties can be humans, online services or artificial intelligence routines. Once you have that low value task time returned to you, it’s yours to spend as you wish. More time with your family, laying on a beach, studying for further skills or reinvesting that time back into the business but exclusively on high value tasks. (Grow)

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Task Unicorn provides all of the tools you need to make this a reality. We currently offer a project management suite, a workflow management tool and the ability to integrate external services directly into your workflows. In the near future we’re also adding modules for CRM, Sales management, Human Resources, Logistics, and Finances.

We offer two major groups of external services to integrate into your own workflow processes.

1. Smart Tasks. These are one off tasks you need completed on your behalf. They include automated text message services, appointment setting, appointment confirmation, sending thank you cards, gift boxes, lead generation, executing market research, validating business plans, and many more

2. Smart Services. These are more ongoing services that you need help with over an extended period of time. They include receiving filing reminders for all of your compliance (no more late fees), virtual assistants (1/4 time, 1/2 time or full time), server administration to monitor your online business (1/4 time, 1/2 time or full time), continuing education tracking and reporting for the finance industry, and many more.

When you start to look at Task Unicorn is an online platform that integrates all of the various areas of your business, and see that it allows you to instantly scale up and down to meet customer demand, you begin to see the true power of leveraging best practices in a pay only for what you use basis.

Q: What’s the best thing about Task Unicorn that people might not know about?

A: Everyone at Task Unicorn is 100% focused on the success of our customers. We view our own team, our investors, our suppliers, our customers all as partnerships. We want to offer amazing value to everyone involved and so to that extent the entire base platform is free, for unlimited people, unlimited usage. The only area we make money is in the Smart Task and Smart Service usage. This means as your business gets busier you have instant support from our network of service providers and if your business activity drops, you’re not stuck in a long term contract or have full time staff that you need to support until the next boom in your business. We feel this gives our customers the best chance of success. Free tools that on their own can help them manage their businesses for far greater productivity and variable operating costs that can instantly drop if there’s a cyclical slow down in customer demand.

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Q: What can we expect from Task Unicorn in the future?

A: Not only do we plan on extending our basic platform modules to assist businesses in their various aspects of operating their business, but we are continually looking for more Smart Tasks and Smart Services to offer our clients. We can support anything that our customers can dream up, limited only by our and your imagination.