Talent Match Partners With Clients To Provide Recruiting, IT, Sales, Marketing, And Process Improvement Consulting

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Below is our recent interview with Jay Martin, CEO of TalentMatch:

Jay Martin

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to TalentMatch?

A: TalentMatch, ™ partners with clients to provide recruiting, IT, sales, marketing, coaching, strategic planning, training, and process improvement consulting. We insure that a client’s business objectives are translated into measurable bottom-line results. We know that hiring, managing, and motivating a high-performance sales or IT team will result in acquiring, expanding, and retaining long-term profitable customers. We are dedicated to improving our client’s business process through the identification and qualification of better hires.

The TalentMatch™ team is comprised of best-in-class, seasoned professionals who are successful business owners and/or past senior-level Fortune 500 executives. Each brings to you more than 20 years’ experience with a consistent track record of delivering bottom-line results. We help companies identify, develop and execute a successful go-to-market strategy built on real-world expectations with definable results.

TalentMatch,™ has the proven experience to assist in finding the appropriate executive sales or technical talent for each unique opportunity our clients may have to offer: From high level sales and marketing executives accustomed to success in partnering with C-level leadership in a targeted account to the accomplished IT talent for PRE or POST sales analysis or BIG DATA support to entry level sales talent looking for their first start in the B2B sales world. We have a track record of placing successful sales professionals in Territory/Geo Sales, Major Accounts, Government Sales, Sales Management, Branch and Regional Management assignments, Vice Presidents and Presidents of a marketplace as well as accomplished IT professionals for specialized roles. For all your recruiting needs we are the one-stop solution for quality candidates. We also have proven expertise in placing operational, administrative, marketing and financial management positions within our customer base. Our recruiting process is proven in terms of quality of candidates and speed to completion.

Our clients have the opportunity to participate in an interactive recruiting process that is unique to the recruiting business as it provides hands-on participation with rapid positive results. This exclusive approach allows our clients maximum penetration with day-to-day control of the hiring process. TalentMatch™ is a unique one of a kind, 20-year-old, recruiting company, with a customer focused approach geared to you and your business needs.

TalentMatch™ also offers a powerful and dynamic service in Executive Coaching. For over 3 decades, senior leadership at TalentMatch has had the privilege in facilitating skill set development in both organizations & individuals. They have a proven track record as a specialist in turning around sales & management for marketplaces, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. They have a proven track record of making under-performing sales teams and executives successful.

Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: · Sales, Leadership and IT Recruiting and Executive Search is our core business.
· Client or candidate negotiation.
· Resume writing.
· Sales and Business Coaching / Consulting
· Coaching services to both candidates & clients in all phases of the sales cycle.
· LinkedIn training and certification
· Basic LinkedIn training and certification.
· Advanced LinkedIn expertise in business development.
· Major Account Strategies: Consulting and training on how to land a new account.
· Consulting and training on how to keep an account.
· Consulting and training on how to expand products and new technology into an account.
· Compensation Plan Development
· Policy creation regarding commission payouts. splits and payment protocols.
· Policy creation on overrides and renewals.
· Strategic Consulting: Quarterly business plans; Annual business plans; 5-year business plans; Org chart refinement; Job description creation; Commission split policy statements; Selling 101; Telephonics
· Using social media (i.e. LinkedIn) and the web to research the account and contacts in the account the sales rep needs to connect with
· Developing an initial benefit statement
· Features vs benefits
· Cold calling
· Proper email protocol
· Closing techniques

Q: What makes you different from other recruiting organizations?

A: TalentMatch™ offers a unique recruiting experience for both the candidate and client. From the candidate’s perspective, we believe that we have honest, frank and specific discussions with candidates in the job market relative to who they might be competing with for a position (experience wise); needed edits to their resumes before we present to a targeted client; who they need to be in any prospective employer engagement in either an in person or phone interview.

From the client’s perspective, we believe that we provide a service of providing talent that is a match for their staffing needs, candidates vetted for an engagement with the interested client and speed to talent.

Given that most of our staff has had hands on experience in Corporate Sales with Fortune 500 companies, we believe that this work history experience gives TalentMatch™ an edge in the marketplace for both candidates and clients interested in a fluid, turnkey process of insuring speed to talent for all parties in the TalentMatch™ process.

Q: Who do you work with? What are your clients saying about you?

A: We work with multi-billion-dollar Fortune 500 companies as a part of our client base. We work with the small business owner and privately owned, $100M organizations across the United States. We are a West Coast Company with a national reach. Just view our website, to see what our cherished clients are saying about us.

Q: What are your plans?

A: We started with less than a dozen active working clients when we first took ownership of TalentMatch in 2011. Since then, we now have over 80+ clients, all of whom have reached out to us directly for our services and many from the small B2B type of organization to the multi-billion-dollar OEMs of the nation and the world.

We believe that we are most fortunate to be working with the extremely talented professionals in the document management space for a couple of unique, but significant reasons: this group of people, especially for those who have had years of success in this industry, are a different breed in talent, temperment and functionality.

The salesperson representing just software has to capture the confidence and advocacy, typically, of the IT decision maker to get his or her products and technologies sold.

In the document management space, the most successful salespeople from this industry, have learned how to make the janitor or Kelly-temp at the receptionist desk become their new best friends. Given the competition in this industry, it is the most multi-talented, multi-dimensional personality that typically captures the mind share of an organization. One can find such a talent, in huge numbers, from that special group of people, making a great living as a document management salesperson.

Given the confluence of shared technologies in the market today, specifically when it comes to software, it was unheard of a company like an Oracle or a SalesForce or others to pick off front line sales person from the “speeds and feeds” (document management) industry, but it is now happening every day. More and more companies are recognizing this unique quality and trait in the talent from the document management space and capitalizing on it.

That said, we are approached on a monthly basis, from new prospective clients now keenly interested in introductions to the vast talent pool of this type of talent who we sponsor and represent every day.

This new awareness is driving our growth into a number of new and different industries from IT BIG DATA for the IT professionals from the document management space who reach out to us, to prospective clients from the software space to prospective clients from the marketing and incentive space as well as representation from a number of other industries.

We believe that the awareness of how special the document management professional is in today’s marketplace has now finally arrived and we are extremely pleased to be a part of this new world and all that it will do for the future of our organization from expanded strategic consulting, to leadership training, to sourcing and recruiting for international companies interested in a global presence for their products, services and technologies.