Summit Hosting Focuses Its Hosting Efforts On The Entire Suite Of Sage Software Solutions As Well As QuickBooks Applications

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Summit Hosting is committed to the Sage Software suite of products as well as QuickBooks and have engineers that are technically certified in each of the products. Below is our recent interview with Stan Kania, CEO at Summit Hosting:

Q: Stan, tell us something more about Summit Hosting and your solutions?

A: Summit Hosting provides cloud-based hosting to U.S.and international businesses, delivering the highest level of performance, security and customer service. We focus our hosting efforts on the entire suite of Sage Software solutions as well as QuickBooks applications. We have data center locations in the US and Canada and are compliant with the data sovereignty laws.

Q: You’ve recently announced you’ll be a sponsor of the 7th Annual ‘Meeting of the Minds’ conference in San Diego; could you tell us something more?

A: Summit Hosting, a cloud-based hosting provider focused on QuickBooks and Sage applications recently sponsored the 7th Annual ‘Meeting of the Minds’ conference in San Diego, CA from March 1-3, 2018. Organized and hosted by 90 Minds Consulting Group, the conference features a full roster of educational sessions and networking opportunities in an effort to share and learn from one another. It’s a format that embraces the mantra “more minds are better than one”. Consisting of independent ERP consultants and resellers, 90 Minds members collaborate throughout the year to help each other find answers and solve problems for their clients. With strong roots in Sage 100 software, the name 90 Minds originates from “MAS 90” which has since been renamed to Sage 100.

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Q: Can you tell us more about any new product launches or anything new upcoming?

A: We soon will be releasing the ability for dual factor authentication for each of our clients. We will be one of the first in the private cloud hosting industry to apply this layer of security to our environments. The excitement behind launching this product stems from the abundance of ransomware attacks all across the globe. With this technology, our clients will have the ability to allow or deny access to their server with just one click or notification.

Q: Tell us more about your services?

A: Summit hosting provides cloud-based hosting services for all QuickBooks and Sage products. We pride ourselves on our world-class service, reliability and security. We have dedicated data centers located in the US and Canada respectively. In Canada, we guarantee Data Sovereignty Compliance.

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Q: What makes Summit Hosting the best choice?

A: Summit Hosting is committed to the hosting the Sage Software suite of products as well as QuickBooks. As an authorized commercial hosting partner of QuickBooks and a former reseller of Sage our experience and service in both areas is unmatched.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Currently, our roadmap to success includes acquisitions, providing excellent service and continuous technology improvements. We believe that what we can offer our clients speaks for itself and our climbing success in Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks, Sage products and an abundance of 3rd party applications. While building on our grass roots here in the US, we will also be expanding our influence in Canada. Staying focused on our clients is our main priority in conjunction with growth and investing in our company’s future.