Stox – A Practical Framework For The Mainstream Prediction Market

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Stox is an open source, Ethereum based prediction market platform, where users can make their predictions to generate their portion of a stake for a specified event. Stox is designed, first and foremost, as a practical framework for the mainstream prediction market. The platform functions as a single token economy, powered by the ERC20 STX token. Below is our recent interview with Yossi Peretz, CEO at Stox:

Q: What are prediction markets?

A: Prediction markets are a way to forecast the outcome of any given event. Using the wisdom of the crowd, combined with their own individual skills and knowledge, people will be able to predict the outcome of events in almost any imaginable category: Finance, sports, politics and even the weather. Powering Stox is the STX digital token, the primary form for fees, collateral, and the currency for wagers in event predictions.

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Q: How does the Stox ecosystem work?

A: Stox platform users are able to sign up easily and begin predicting on a wide variety of events. By using the Stox utility token, platform members are able to place predictions on a number of markets online whenever they wish, and if they predict correctly, they can earn the following:

· Members can also increase their crypto portfolio by participating in ”win real tokens” predictions. If they predict correctly, they’ll actually win a variety of partner’s tokens.

Q: Tell us more about your impressions from Blockchain Week NYC?

A: It was an amazing experience. Upon arrival, I was really surprised at the impact, enthusiasm and the turnout! It was shockingly amazing to me to see people willing to wait in line for up to three hours to learn, listen and share about cryptocurrency. To see the tech Community completely enthralled in the events of the week, knowing that this symbolizes a new mark in the development of technology, was truly impactful.

Enterprise companies are entering the space. Mass adoption is coming and even faster than I personally would have imagined. Everywhere we went people were talking ‘’Blockchain, blockchain, blockchain’’, on the streets, in the subways, pretty much everywhere I went. In addition, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling regarding betting on sporting events was also a major topic, and the enthusiasm about it was palpable. It definitely seems there will be many new opportunities in the near future for prediction market platforms to find their rightful place in an industry ripe for disruption. You can read more about my experience during Blockchain Week NYC on our blog. I had the opportunity to co-host a Prediction Market panel, and the post has an excellent video of the panel, which included companies we’ve partnered with for ICO predictions, such as BlitzPredict.

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Q: What is on the roadmap for Stox moving forward?

A: We have great things on the horizon. This quarter will see the launch of our World Cup event, where we’ve opened an entire category dedicated to the tournament. We partnered with BetOnChart, a leading real-time sports gaming platform to sponsor a series of predictions during the entire month of the Cup. This will make Q3 2018 a very exciting summer full of football action. You can learn more about our achievements and upcoming targets on our Roadmap.

We see Stox continuing to grow at a rapid pace as more Operators utilize our platform to host their Sponsored Predictions. Our ICO/TGE Sponsored Prediction Category offers the chance for our platform users to win real STX and other tokens, and most importantly, the research and data we are able to provide Operators on the forecast of their event is a highly valuable commodity for nearly every type of business, from a wide variety of industries.