Storyful Provides Solutions To Brands Fighting The Complexities Of Digital Media Landscape

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Storyful is a social insights and content company that helps its partners determine what’s real, what’s relevant and what’s valuable for their stakeholders. Below is our recent interview with the Lisa McDonald, Chief Creative Officer at Storyful:

Lisa McDonald

Q: Lisa, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Storyful?

A: Our mission is to deliver truth in context, providing deep analysis of a complex digital, social and media landscape. We support newsrooms in their efforts to verify social news content, and we support brands in their efforts to develop and protect their reputation.

We do this by synthesizing data from across the social landscape through a set of proprietary tools. We then use human expertise and intelligence to verify and contextualize content and conversations for media, marketing and communications teams around the globe.

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Q: Policing Social Media. How does moderating social content affect traditional news outlets? Could you tell us something more?

A: It’s well documented that social media platforms are ripe for manipulation by bad actors spreading disinformation. This exposes news outlets to the risk of reporting on events using unreliable content and information, threatening their reputation and the trust they’ve developed with their audience.

The moderation of social content also presents a significant challenge for brands: how can they detect and react to threats or opportunities presented by social content and conversations? Traditional social listening tools surface data but sifting through the information to distinguish fact from fiction is critical to shaping a successful strategy.

Q: What can you do for media and brand partners.?

A: Our news team provides a 24/7 service to newsrooms around the world, providing them with verified content on breaking news. We also support news teams in their efforts to navigate disinformation to ensure that their reputation and reporting efforts are protected against the risks posed by ‘fake news’.

We support our marketing and communications partners with reputational growth and reputational risk mitigation. Our Intelligence team divines qualitative insights that our partners use to develop marketing and communications strategies for campaign planning, new product launches, or crisis management.

Partners can also engage with our Creative team, using these insights to develop social content strategies and user-generated creative campaigns to support brands’ reputational growth.

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: We’re continuing in our team expansion in terms of headcount, expertise and geographical footprint. We’re investing in our technology to augment our abilities to discover content and generate qualitative insights.

Q: What’s the best thing about Storyful that people might not know about?

A: We were founded in Dublin (I’m biased)! The best thing about Storyful is our team – we have built a model that combines unrivalled social data access and proprietary technology with human expertise. This model underpins how we help our clients identify what’s real, what’s relevant and what’s valuable on social media.