Sony Will Start Taking Pre-Orders For Its Xperia XZ Premium Smart Phone On June 12th

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In the US preorders for Sony Xperia XZ Premium are going to start on June 12th with the shipments going out on June 19th. The phone feels just a bit too big, a 5,5 inch display is not too large, however, there’s so much going on above and below it, that it feels like Sony just doesn’t know how to compact their phones as well anymore. That said, this phone is incredibly symmetrical with this blue hue, that is incredibly glossy and as such, pretty fingerprint prone. Handling takes a bit of a hit, because of how large the overall device is but all in all it’s a great looking phone.


Part of the reason why it’s a great looking phone is because of that 5,5 inch display, it has 4K resolution and HDR capabilities. 4K resolution just makes everything look incredibly sharp already. In the display settings there are a lot of options for changing the coloration of the display. You can have a super vivid mode, that really bumps up the saturation or you can stick to an sRGB mode, for more accurate colors. That said, that 19MP camera is probably one of marquee features of this phone. Not only is it capable of 960 frames per second slow motion video, pictures should be really awesome on this phone. When you record a video colors come out pretty good, detail is still pretty high and at the SteadyShot set to intelligent active mode does a good job of making sure that jitters aren’t showing up on the screen. There’s an extra camera button. One negative, for the camera, it’s just that the interface is a little bit cumbersome.


Everything seems to be a mode and you have to swipe over to get to the video mode or you have to open up the mode selection screen just to get to 4K video. It’s a few too many steps to get to something that should probably be a button on the original camera interface. It has the Snapdragon 835, 4GB of Ram, 64GB of on-board storage with expandability and Android Nougat 7.1.1. the software on the Xperia XZ Premium actually feels really snappy and that might be because the animations are turned up in Sony’s version of Android. That certainly makes everything feel faster. There’s a 3230 milliamp power battery in the Xperia XZ Premium backed by quick charge 3.0 and an adaptive charging layer that is on top of that, so you can really juice up the phone in no time at all.