Social Media-Based Network Sports Thread Connects Student-Athletes With Team Members, Coaches And Fans

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Sports Thread is a social media-based, self-promotion, communications and educational platform for the nearly 40 million youth athletes in the United States. It is the first and only free social networking platform that provides self-promotion and college research for athletes, discovery and evaluation tools for coaches and communications solutions for teams and event providers. Sports Thread is for youth athletes that are looking to improve, get in contact with coaches for playing opportunities at the next level and chat with other athletes and coaches. Below is our recent interview with CEO and Founder of Sports Thread, Sean Leary:

Q: Can you give us insight into your features?

A: Sports Thread has many features that help everyone associated with youth athletics in a variety of ways. What is really special about what we have done is combined communications, evaluation, self-promotion and social networking technologies all in one integrated platform. Regardless of your skill level, age, or user-type, Sports Thread offers a great feature set for you. For example, one of our helpful features for athletes that are getting ready to enter high school is our 4-Step Process for self-promotion to colleges.

The 4-Step Process walks the athlete through everything they need to know to ensure they are getting the most out of the platform to help them move on to college sports. This process starts by first giving tips to the athlete on how to set up their profile to showcase their strengths and accurately depict who they are as a potential recruit. Then we assist the athletes in creating a wish list of colleges they would like to attend – most youth athletes have no idea that there are 2,000 colleges with sports they can go on to play at. After the athletes pick their target schools we help generate customized emails from a library of templates to send to college coaches – it really helps lessen stress on the athlete to write the perfect letter and saves tons of research time. The last step to the process involves helping the athletes research the financial, academic, athletic and social aspects of their college playing opportunities so they pick the right school. Additionally, we help inform them of the recruiting contact rules for each sport as well as eligibility requirements.

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We have also implemented features that pertain to coaches specifically. With the Digital Coaches Book, coaches and scouts can effortlessly identify athletes at our partner events and evaluate them through the information on their profiles like their videos, stats and transcripts in real-time at the game. They can even leave the athlete a message on Sports Thread Chat and begin the recruiting process while watching them play. This level of information on an athlete at an event is unprecedented. Also, we help college coaches search and recruit nationally by filtering great potential recruits all over the country.

We also help connect and inform everyone attending games and tournaments at our partners’ events through our communications software. While at tournaments, tournament directors send out information through our push notification/text update technology to every athlete, coach and parent in attendance regarding anything from weather delays to field changes to games to watch. Coaches also take advantage of this feature by being in constant contact with their players letting them know when daily practice is and when they should be at the field for pre-game warm-ups. Our athlete users use it to chat with teammates and other athletes on Sports Thread.

Q: You’ve recently announced a partnership with Phenom America; can you tell us more?

A: Phenom America has been the leading provider of basketball competition and instruction for millions of youth athletes and their families for the last 15 years. It is a series of annual summer and fall camps where the best of the best come and compete. Many professional NBA and WNBA players attended a Phenom America camp including Lonzo Ball, Karl Anthony Towns and Rebecca Greenwell. We have partnered with Phenom America to streamline communications efforts and provide an innovative social networking solution free of charge to all its athletes, coaches and parents. Our partnership will help the athletes get more collegiate exposure at and after Phenom America Camps.

Q: What are the benefits for using your platform?

A: Sports Thread brings everyone involved in youth athletics together. Coaches typically used to begin scouting for new talent when the athlete was in high school, but now talent is being sought out even earlier. Youth athletes of all ages benefit by creating a digital scrapbook of sorts so when a coach or scout comes looking, they will be ready. As an added bonus, athletes can look back at the progress they’ve made and keep in touch with all of their teammates over the years. Meanwhile, when coaches begin scouting, they will be able to find that elusive diamond in the rough.

Simply put, Sports Thread connects everyone in your sports world through one free platform.

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Q: What can we expect from Sports Thread in the future?

A: Sports Thread will be adding a variety of new features that will build on top of the current platform. We will make it easier to connect with anyone on Sports Thread, faster to identify opportunities and discover people at our partner events more seamlessly and efficiently. We are continuously listening to our users and using their feedback to create the next steps of our platform’s evolution. Sports Thread will always remain dedicated to staying ahead of the market to innovate the way people connect and interact and we will always remain devoted to making the dream just a little more achievable for each athlete.