Digital Service Provider Shypple Helps Importing And Exporting Companies To Ship Goods Worldwide

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Below is our recent interview with Jarell Habets, the Founder of Shypple:

Jarell Habets

Q: How would you describe Shypple in your own words?

A: Shypple is a digital service provider and makes it easier and cheaper for importing and exporting companies to ship goods worldwide.

We replace the current, traditional and labour intensive middlemen called ‘freight forwarders’ or ‘logistics agents’ by a new, fully digital version of it.

Whereas companies had to manage their supply chain by phone and e-mail, and having a lot of ‘touch points’ with their freight forwarders – Shypple is reinventing how companies manager their freight. Instead of through e-mail, Shypple provides companies a real-time operating dashboard through which logistics services can be managed. It’s saving companies time, gives more control and insight and saves on logistics costs.

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Q: Where did the idea for your business come from?

A: I founded the business in 2016 after working for a traditional freight forwarding during my studies in Rotterdam. As an intern I was put on a project to manage shipping dozens of containers to the Rio 2016 Olympics. I first-handed experienced how this industry was dominated by bureaucratic processes and in-efficient forms teamwork within logistics teams.

Q: You have recently raised €1,7M could you tell us more about it?

A: Shypple had raised an extended seed funding from notable tech investors (Laurens Groenendijk and Patrick Kerssemakers) to accelerate growth.

Q: How did the Shypple team meet and what were you doing before this venture?

A: I initiated multiple small venture initiatives before starting Shypple. The key hires to the team all had an entrepreneurial background and came from companies in trade, logistics and software development.

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Q: What is your main goal at the moment?

A: Our main goal is to scale our business to a global level by 2024. In 5 years time we expect our product & service to be accessible from all continents, and thus making conducting global trade very simple for everyone. This means we are investing heavily in technology, but also spend time heavily on creating a healthy and ambitious company culture.

Last Updated on November 10, 2018