Shaping The Future Of Digital Enterprises – An Interview With Sunil Hans, Managing Director Of Adeptia India

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Baby boomers are gradually getting replaced by millennials as the new leaders across a variety of industries. This ushers an era where a customer-centric approach proves critical for accelerating business growth and monetizing modern B2B business ecosystems, especially considering the sea of data that marketers can leverage to gain more insights into customer′s expectations, align marketing strategies, and capture fresh business opportunities.

In today’s digital transformation era, if there’s one thing that fuels business growth, it’s the intelligent use of data. The challenge, however, lies in inefficient data collection, analysis, and processing methods being employed by enterprises. Further, relying on techniques like outdated customer data exchange, inflexible integration, manual data processing, lengthy onboarding are making the situation worse than ever.

Companies can always turn to their IT team and legacy applications to combat such issues. However, having access to out-of-the-box data exchange platform enables non-technical business users to configure customer data exchanges quickly and easily, helping companies offer outstanding customer experience and boost productivity.

Adeptia’s enterprise-class, self-service integration solution allows business users to onboard customers and partners faster into multi-enterprise business data ecosystems. In addition, it securely enables business partners to self-serve, onboard, and manage digital business integration resulting in delighted customers and faster revenue.

Today, we sit down with Sunil Hans, Managing Director of Adeptia India, to discuss their integration solution, how it changes the way companies do business, and what it does to enable digital transformation.

Q: We feel honored for having you here, Mr Hans. Adeptia Connect is now the integration solution of choice by numerous Fortune 500 companies. Can you share with us the reason behind your product’s incredible success?

A: Our modern, low-friction, and automated integration solution enables business ecosystems to set a good net promoter score via an outward-in approach, wherein customer value creation, customer orientation, and customer experiences are of paramount importance. This helps enterprises to expedite order-to-cash processes, & speed-to-revenue, alleviate overhead costs, enhance their quality of service, and increase value.

With features like built-in-templates, application connectors, monitoring dashboard etc., our ecosystem integration platform promotes faster onboarding that help enterprises seize a bigger market share and hasten time-to-revenue. Further, it cuts elapsed time by 75% while shifting IT from an implementation role to a governance role and puts the power of fast (and easy) integration into business users’ hands.

This, in turn, increases business user & IT productivity and eliminates Shadow IT, offering exceptional flexibility in the front end of the business process ecosystem and agility on the back end that allows businesses to respond to demand swings, and helps organizations gain insulation from changes to their digital networks with modernized IT infrastructure.

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Q: Your integration platform promises improved onboarding. How exactly does onboarding affect the various business processes?

A: First impressions on the partners or customers decide the future of the business. With features such as smart B2B connectors, reusable integration templates, and application connectors etc., our ecosystem integration solution allows enterprises to modernize their onboarding systems by making it 80% faster to create good first impressions which, in turn, foster customer goodwill and inspire unwavering loyalty.

Further, it helps to curb the buyer’s remorse by gaining better customer insight, delivering delightful customer experience.

Additionally, onboarding allows enterprises to accommodate ever-changing ecosystem dynamics and foster growth & agility. It also helps organizations become easy-to-do-business-with by ensuring quick data exchange with customers in a reliable manner.

Q: Companies now have access to large volumes of data, so much so that they’re often unable to make use of them all. What is Adeptia’s solution for handling large files and data sets?

A: Adeptia’s Large file data ingestion and streaming capability help enterprises parse, process, transform, and deliver large volumes of data without compromising on quality and speed.

With features such as Data Quality Management, Top-down control interface, Automated error handling mechanism, Metadata Management, Data Monitoring, the challenges of Big data can be handled effectively. So, if a company is facing issues with dealing with Big data, Adeptia Connect is the solution indeed.

Q: Data integration used to be a job left for the IT department. How does Adeptia make it possible for everyday business users to take on this task with the same or even higher level of efficiency?

A: With a no-code approach, simple user interface, prebuilt connections, and more, our integration platform allows non-technical business users to onboard partners as well as customers with precision. Adeptia Connect transfers the entire burden from IT to respective business users and empowers them to add new customers and partners in their business ecosystem. Simply put, Adeptia’s enterprise application integration capability not only allows business teams to go after new markets and customers more aggressively but also allows to grow revenue expeditiously.

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Q: 5) You’re viewed as a pioneer of digital transformation. Can you share what digital transformation means for you and what it can do for enterprises?

A: Making digital transformation a priority for your business as well as your workforce is essential to drive maturity and encourage growth. This will help enterprises adapt to the changing digital landscape in an effort to meet the ever-evolving consumer’s demands.

Companies attempting to transform digitally ought to have a specific digital strategy and access to proper integration technology. The role of Adeptia’s ecosystem integration solution comes into play here. By employing technology trailblazers such as ours, organizations can conform to changing market standards & customer needs and savor the perks of expansion in every sense.