The Seam Increases Farm Business Efficiency Through Blockchain-Powered Actionable Real Time Insights

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The Seam offers a wide range of multi-commodity trading and software solutions that are tailor-fit for agribusinesses. These solutions allow their customers to become vastly more efficient in their operations and better capitalize on opportunities available in fast-changing market conditions, while providing corporate visibility through innovative, real-time insights. Below is our interview with Mark Pryor, Chairman and CEO of The Seam:

Q: You’ve recently launched a peanut platform with real-time, actionable insights for farmers; could you tell us something more?

A: Our Producer Portal is a business intelligence (BI) tool that is included within our Peanut Commodity Management Platform. This software provides actionable data to peanut farmers that allows them to change or improve their business practices – both on and off of the farm. With this year’s historic-sized crop, this software will give producers a variety of information about their price per grade, moisture levels and other key performance indicators, through automated text messaging.

The Producer Portal gives access to graphical metrics, like contract documents and farm purchase reports. With these insights, our technology will increase efficiency and value on the farm, as well as save money and lessen congestion of machinery. We look forward to seeing how it impacts our customers and their business operations.

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Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like The Seam?

A: Businesses are increasingly challenged to do more with fewer resources, all while improving efficiency and revenue in a very competitive, global landscape. Paper-laden processes and dated, disparate systems are widespread in agribusiness, which stifles both agility and operational efficiency. There is also a major push underway for radical transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain. This is driven primarily by manufacturers who demand verifiable data from a trusted source to bring confidence to consumers who purchase their end products. Food safety, fiber authenticity and sustainability-verification initiatives are key drivers.

To address these mounting challenges, the right mix of domain expertise is needed in both agriculture and technology. Standing on a 17-year collaborative relationship with agribusinesses throughout the world, The Seam is in a unique position to introduce new and maturing technologies to solve these real industry challenges.

Q: How do you plan to utilize blockchain in a food industry?

A: When you think about peanuts and other food products, sustainability and traceability are vital components. It’s important for people to know where their food came from. But more than that, technology – and the blockchain specifically – is crucial for food recalls and food safety overall. During a recall, if we know where the food came from, we can find everything it came in contact with very quickly. That traceability and visibility enable us to then act quickly.

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Q: What can we expect from The Seam in the next four months?

A: With the recent release of our integrated BI tools, businesses now have real-time graphical insights for better decision-making. This will expand further as businesses and farmers begin to easily explore trends and anomalies, which can ultimately help improve their operations going forward.

Blockchain technology continues to take the lead on The Seam’s technology roadmap for addressing the challenges with paper-burdened processes, data inaccuracy and the need for transparency and traceability through a secure, verifiable fabric of trust. Educational sessions will continue to be hosted along with design workshops in collaboration with the industry.

New, exciting technologies are coming together rapidly, and they present opportunities that were previously impossible or too costly. Stay tuned for further announcements!