RURO Delivers Secure Software Solution For Modern Clinical Laboratories

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Below is our recent interview with Monica Hauser, Corporate Communications Specialist at Ruro:

Q: Why do laboratory, scientific or pharmaceutical organizations need to consider better software?

A: Today’s laboratory, scientific or pharmaceutical organization in the life sciences face many challenges in their day to day operations:

• staffing shortages
• increasing turnaround times (TAT)
• time intensive certification audits
• insufficient sample monitoring methods
• instrumentation integration
• inaccurate billing
• staying fully compliant with privacy regulations

For a modern clinical laboratory to remain competitive, having a modern, simple to configure, easy to use and secure software solution has become an economic necessity. RURO is here with two solutions to help:

1. A fully customizable LIMS workflow based Limfinity®.
2. A progressive LIS solution LimitLIS®.

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Q: What do these software solutions offer?

A: We have a software system for you with limitless possibilities.

From fully customized systems like Limfinity® to out-of-the-box solutions, RURO has the solution for you.

LimitLIS® has cutting edge features such as in the cloud technology, Client/Patient/Doctor Portals, paperless e-requisitions, sample tracking and storage, integrations, scalable features, easy to use and mobile friendly.

Q: How can LimitLIS® add value to my life science platform?

A: • You can keep valued clients and grow your client base by achieving faster turnaround times
• Improve quality through enhanced data accuracy
• Increase efficiency by centralizing information and tools in a single software package
• Reduce staffing costs with automated billing, EMR integration and notifications

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Q: Where can we meet to connect?

A: Opportunities to connect
We’ll be traveling this year to these trade shows and hope to see you. Or we’re happy to come to you and discuss your specific needs face to face.

Isber Annual Meeting and Exhibition
Anaheim, CA
April 14-18, 2020

Bio-IT World Conference & Expo
Boston, MA
April 21-23, 2020

DATIA’s Annual Conference and Exposition
Washington, DC
May 22-29, 2020

AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo
Chicago, IL
July 26-30, 2020

Q: What can we expect from RURO in the future?

A: Improved technology for the ever changing needs of your life science business. RURO will continue to provide integrations as you lab grows and changes.