RoboRewards Customer Loyalty Software Builds Customized Loyalty Programs Unique For Each Business

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Below is our recent interview with Jonathan Ingram, CEO of RoboRewards Customer Loyalty Software:

Jonathan Ingram

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to RoboRewards?

A: RoboRewards customer loyalty software builds customized loyalty programs unique for each business. We help businesses grow their customer base, utilize tools that encourage repeat spending, and automate marketing to drive sales.

Q: How exactly do you grow loyalty?

A: A business may increase customer loyalty in various ways, but not all strategies provide long-term benefits. Many times, marketing and advertising companies try building loyalty by staying in front of their customers via external advertising and marketing efforts such as Pay Per Click marketing, online media marketing, or even more traditional outlets such TV commercials and billboards.

RoboRewards builds business long-term customer loyalty and bottom line revenues utilizing cost-effective trending and sustainable technologies. This includes targeted marketing techniques that grow the customer database on autopilot, action-based reward incentives such as customer spending, and automated marketing triggers to continually drive members back into the business. If a business spends their marketing budget on customer acquisition without building a customer database for future marketing purposes, the long-term sustainability is bleak compared to competitors that use customer marketing databases to leverage more cost-effective marketing mediums.

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Once a customer database is created, spending incentives and action base rewards dramatically increase a customer’s loyalty to a brand. The customer experiences spending benefits beyond the initial purchase through reward goals, spending tier perks, VIP clubs, and top-spender promotions. Pre-defined automated action triggers keep a company’s brand at the forefront of the customer’s purchase decisions.

Q: What makes RoboRewards the best choice?

A: No two loyalty programs are the same. We listen to our customers without taking shortcuts. We implement a 360-degree marketing solution approach, being careful to stay away from simple discounting. Unlike some companies, we steer clear of building a customer marketing database of only discount shoppers.

Although a business can offer discounts, true customer loyalty is not built upon discounting alone. Many loyalty and reward providers miss the mark and offer a discounting model such as buy 10 get 1 free. They completely miss the acquisition side of growing the database and lack the marketing features that drive the right customer at the right time back into your business.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Our robust marketing features, dynamic program flexibility, and customizable loyalty solutions give businesses more marketing power and money making tools than ever before. We build automated loyalty programs that increase the customer database, increase sales, and drive repeat spending more than any other software on the market. We communicate with customers using email, SMS, and mobile apps. Business can define regular, automated offers advertised with pre-defined broadcasts or send unique, timely messages that fit holidays or special business emphasis. Our goal is driving customers into a companies business when they otherwise would not have come.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We constantly stay ahead of new technologies that grow customer acquisition, brand loyalty, and repeat spending. If a company’s software is not keeping up with new trends and functionalities, ultimately that software will become obsolete. We’re committed to continually advancing our software with new money-making features and reporting tools that provide an all-encompassing sales growth and data solution.