Proactive Relationship Management Platform Consolidates CRM Capabilities, Sales Calling And Texting Into A Single Solution

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Below is our recent interview with Adam Honig, CEO at Spiro.AI:

Q: What is Spiro.AI?

A: Spiro is a proactive relationship management platform. What that means is our platform consolidates CRM capabilities, sales enablement and calling and texting into a single solution. This consolidation allows the platform’s AI engine to work in the background, collecting information from calls, texts, emails and more, in order to dynamically create contacts, activity lists, and much more. Spiro then proactively provides a daily to do list for sales reps based on the most important opportunities, and guides the next best action.

Q: How do you help sales teams?

A: We help sales teams in a few ways. First, we free sales people from being glorified data entry clerks, giving them time to focus on actually selling. And, we help improve their effectiveness by guiding them to the highest priority contacts, with recommendations on whether their next interaction should be a call, email, etc. We’ve actually found that with Spiro, customers can reach 47% more prospects.

Our AI engine collects 8 times more data than manual CRM options, so sales leaders have more visibility into their pipeline and forecasts. These leaders love being able to ask Spiro a simple question, like: What’s John’s pipeline for Q2? or What did my team do last week? or even What’s the status of the Prudential deal? This increased visibility helps leaders pinpoint stalled deals or underperforming pipelines, so they can step in and help their team close 20% more deals.

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Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like Spiro?

A: For 20 years, sales people have hated CRM because it’s such a bad option. Whole industries of CRM consultants and admins were created trying to fix it, but it just doesn’t work. Artificial intelligence has advanced far enough that we can kill CRM and embrace technology that makes our lives easier, and takes work off our plates. Salespeople should be selling and closing deals. Spiro helps them do just that.

Q: You’ve recently raised $2.5m in additional funding. What are your plans for the future?

A: This additional funding allows us to continue investing in our AI and natural language processing technology, as we continue to push our vision forward. For example, we’re testing a natural language capability where a salesperson can say “I’ll make a note that you may expand to 100 seats in three months,” or “I’ll ask Spiro to remind me to follow up next week,” and then Spiro captures that information and creates an activity reminder.

We’re based in Boston and are growing at a fast pace – we’re really just getting started on our quest to “kill” CRM!

Last Updated on October 13, 2019