RealtyAds Is Using AI To Change The Game In Real Estate Marketing

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RealtyAds is a digital marketing platform that is using AI to help the commercial real estate industry more successfully market their buildings, brokers, and brands to key, target audiences.

Below is our recent interview with industry veterans and founders of RealtyAds, Trevor Marticke & Keegan Kuhn:

Trevor Marticke:
After graduating from Colgate University with a focus in Political Science and Economics, Trevor moved to Chicago and began his real estate career. He worked as a Tenant Advisor for Transwestern Commercial Services representing companies looking for office space. After 3 years, Trevor and his team were recruited to Cushman & Wakefield to grow their practice globally and continue representing firms as their real estate advisors. Over his career Trevor worked on transactions as far reaching as Sydney, Australia and sourced / executed more than $350mm in total transaction value.

Keegan Kuhn:
Keegan has studied business, computer science, and artificial intelligence and the University of Iowa and MIT. In 2012, at the age of 23, he founded an automotive advertising platform called Progressus which currently powers social media advertising for thousands of car dealers globally. Progressus was acquired by CDK Global in 2018. Keegan’s experience with automated advertising technology and artificial intelligence has been crucial in the development of the RealtyAds technology.

Q: Trevor, can you tell us about both of your backgrounds and how those have driven the success of RealtyAds?

A: Keegan and I have been long time friends, but with much different skill sets. Mine have always surrounded revenue generation and customer success in the Real Estate Industry. The last 8 years of my career was spent with Cushman & Wakefield executing in these 2 departments.

By contrast, Keegan’s background was less client facing and more technology focused. His prowess as a software engineer created the RealtyAds Platform and the proprietary AI behind it. When you mix a great product with the right sales team, we believe that there is no limit to the success that company can achieve.

Q: Trevor, what makes the RealtyAds platform unique and how have you been able to grow your business so rapidly?

A: We have a bit of a company motto that naturally surfaced at RealtyAds; “effortless & effective.” Those are the 2 traits that make us unique. We provide our clients effortless access to world-class marketing platforms and use our proprietary AI, RITA, to make the process of digital advertising more effective than any other advertising medium.

Our growth is directly connected to our measurable results. RealtyAds is extremely proud to be the most transparent form of advertising in commercial real estate. When you can demonstrate to your clients in hard data the success they’re having, they’re more than happy to apply the product to more and more of their assets.

Q: Keegan, how does RealtyAds use AI and machine learning in comparison with traditional advertising agencies?

A: The goal for me when we started developing this product was to create a system that could outperform a human counterpart in the functions associated with launching and managing advertising campaigns. RITA is considered a “narrow AI”, as her tasks are specifically defined and limited to the world of digital advertising. RITA performs dozens of tasks, including but not limited to: creating advertising pages, creating and updating ads, managing bids and budgets, reviewing and debugging campaign errors, and optimizing ad spend. RITA specifically uses machine learning when it comes to optimizing advertising spend. Our system is constantly storing and analyzing reporting metrics and spend and in turn learning the best way to allocate that spend to yield the maximum ROI for our clients.

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Q: Keegan, what does the future look like for RealtyAds and what would you consider success 1 year from now?

A: We are very bullish on the future of the company. I’ve been blown away by the receptiveness of our product in the industry and specifically in commercial real estate. I think we are going to see a LOT of growth over the next year. We are extremely focused on revenue and market share growth, and at the same time we can say that we have a profitable business in year 1, which you rarely see these days in tech companies. We are actively thinking about strategic partnerships that can help us accelerate the revenue growth, but we’re not feeling rushed as we are growing at an excellent rate and have a profitable business.