Quantum Consulting Founder David Bartenwerfer On Driving Profitable Growth Through Analytics

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With over thirty years of experience, David Bartenwerfer has left a significant impact on leading organizations such as The Boston Consulting Group, Charles Schwab, Verizon, Genesys Technologies, Yahoo!, eBay, Webvan Group, and the US Department of Defense.

His expertise, spanning strategy, technology, product management, and operations, has been instrumental in shaping these organizations and driving their success.

Bartenwerfer’s impressive academic credentials include an MBA from Stanford University and a BS in Systems Engineering with high distinction from the University of Virginia, where he also minored in applied mathematics and economics.

His expansive educational background propelled his career forward.

Straight out of college, David Bartenwerfer secured a position with a defense contractor, obtaining Top Secret clearance and developing an analytical tools to build defense systems and to quantify risk in cost/benefit estimates for major IT initiatives, and to build systems to enable joint operations across military disciplines.

Primarily working within the Defense community, David Bartenwerfer managed operations for $70 million projects, overseeing budgets, forecasts, and analytics for over 20 sub-projects, consistently earning high marks from Department of Defense auditors.

His career began as a finance and operations manager with SRA International in the early 90s before he pursued his MBA at Stanford University and then joined The Boston Consulting Group.

Industry Leader David Bartenwerfer Is A Trailblazing Business Executive

After his tenure at the Boston Consulting Group, David Bartenwerfer’s career soared as he took on executive roles with major corporations all throughout the country.

In 2006, he embarked on a transformative journey, founding Quantum Consulting and Technology in San Francisco. His entrepreneurial spirit and leadership have been instrumental in helping organizations employ innovative quantitative methods and strategic thinking to drive profitable growth, achieve sustainable competitive advantage, and enhance operational intelligence.

In 2021, David Bartenwerfer continued his entrepreneurial career, co-founding REALbasis Inc., an innovative real estate asset management firm. As the Chief Technology Officer, he leads the way in helping investors achieve above-market returns by utilizing advanced quantitative methods to identify top markets and cash flow-producing real estate assets.

QuantumCT helps product and marketing organizations get smarter and prove, predict and optimize impact and ROI with economic and financial modeling that employs customizable algorithms and technology, leading to fast and lasting insight and action.

Bartenwerfer’s work has extended to professional sports franchises and a regional sports network, where he developed analytical frameworks to identify and quantify factors driving synergies in conglomerates.

David Bartenwerfer Launches REALbasis Inc.

In 2021, Bartenwerfer co-founded REALbasis Inc., an innovative real estate asset management firm. As the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, he has been instrumental in helping investors achieve above-market returns by utilizing advanced quantitative methods to identify top markets and cash flow-producing real estate assets.

His work has led to innovative solutions for clients and companies, demonstrating his continued impact and influence in the industry.

Bartenwerfer has designed a series of nested algorithms to identify optimal micro-markets that generate above-market returns through exceptional cash flows and net operating income. He also constructed a generic simulation model using Monte Carlo simulations to go beyond expected value analysis, accurately assessing the actual risk of projects meeting investment thresholds.

He continues to devise mechanisms for optimization and continuous learning within the investment industry, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Innovative and Strategic Leadership

David Bartenwerfer is recognized for his exceptional ability to lead cross-functional teams in competitive environments. His collaborative management style and creative problem-solving skills have consistently delivered outstanding results. His contributions to business strategy and operations through advanced analytics have earned him recognition as an innovative thinker and strategic leader.

He has developed a series of nested algorithms to identify optimal micro-markets and created innovative predictive methodologies, including a set of multi-variate multiple regression models to build up the supply and demand equation, and hence pricing predictions, for residential real estate markets and properties. Furthermore, he built simulation models utilizing Monte Carlo simulations to assess project risks. His work in software architecture and optimization mechanisms further demonstrates his technological innovation.

Bartenwerfer’s thought leadership in marketing ROI and technology investment is a beacon of knowledge in the industry. His articles on applying advanced analytics to business strategy not only influence the industry but also inspire peers and colleagues, enlightening them with new perspectives and insights.

David Bartenwerfer Explores the Hidden Risks in IT Projects and Offers Solutions

In a recent publication titled “Why IT Projects Are Riskier Than Planned and What to Do About It,” David Bartenwerfer delves into the need for a more robust approach to investing in technology beyond the traditional ROI analysis.

“Technology investment is critical,” Bartenwerfer writes. “Whether to reduce costs, generate revenues, or outpace rivals, investment in technology is an integral part of most corporate strategies. Successful investments can be game-changers for companies, but colossal failures can be equally transformative. Unfortunately, too many technology investments go badly wrong, destroying profits, careers, and sometimes entire companies.

“While successful investments deliver benefits that outweigh the costs, the popularity of return on investment (ROI) analysis often needs to be improved, particularly for technology initiatives. Business leaders who want to increase the likelihood of success should think beyond ROI and employ a more robust process that drives organizational clarity and accountability while uncovering the potential for both hidden profit and hidden risk.”

David Bartenwerfer on the Importance of Marketing ROI

In his recent four-part series, “Marketing ROI 2.0,” David Bartenwerfer explores the critical importance of marketing ROI in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. The series, particularly in the article “Why Marketing ROI Is So Important,” delves into the challenges and opportunities presented by the proliferation of new channels like social media, search engines, and various keyword options.

These channels have revolutionized consumer interactions with brands, prompting marketing organizations to reconsider resource allocation amidst competition for scarce funding.

Bartenwerfer emphasizes the complexity of marketing efforts compared to other departments. Unlike straightforward ROI analyses used to justify investments in new products or machinery, marketing requires a more nuanced approach due to its interdependent nature. He points out that it often takes seven to nine “touches” before a customer purchases, necessitating overlapping and synergistic marketing programs.

Bartenwerfer later writes: “Marketers spend a lot — global spending on media is expected to reach $2.1 trillion in 2019. And, as senior management applies increasing pressure to deliver evidence justifying marketing investments, marketers are also likely to objectively measure the ROI of their efforts. As a result, Marketing organizations today must adapt by optimizing their resources across the new spectrum of marketing objectives. However, even though marketing budgets are high, over 40% of businesses say their top marketing challenge is proving marketing ROI. And without an ROI, businesses cannot determine if their marketing dollars are well spent.”

Measuring ROI, he says, “can be accomplished most effectively through careful measurement and scrutiny of holistic ROI, employing both top-down and bottom-up approaches.”

David Bartenwerfer’s Thoughts on Marketing in the Digital Age

David Bartenwerfer illustrates the changing consumer behavior by purchasing a major appliance. Consumers now have numerous research options and can decide before visiting a store, diminishing the impact of traditional advertising and point-of-sale marketing. This shift underscores the need for marketers to invest in the evaluation phase of the consumer decision journey, which often needs to be more invested.

Social media’s role in enabling consumers to advocate or criticize brands further complicates marketing strategies. While marketers can attempt to influence online conversations, many advocacy avenues remain beyond their control, highlighting the importance of a robust marketing ROI approach.

Bartenwerfer advocates for a comprehensive measurement of marketing ROI, emphasizing several key benefits:

  1. Justification: Understanding the incremental cost and value-add of each marketing program at both granular and holistic levels helps prove and quantify marketing’s impact on profitability.
  2. Decision-Making: Granular ROI calculations enable marketers to identify high-return efforts, guiding future spending and budget allocations.
  3. Accountability: Analytical rigor in marketing ensures funds are used effectively, prompting marketers to justify every dollar spent.
  4. Credibility: Demonstrating ROI in a language that Finance and C-Level executives understand builds credibility and relieves executive pressure by showing that marketing delivers meaningful ROI.

By creating proper metrics and understanding their interrelationships, marketing organizations can better quantify the impact of their investments and drive value through informed actions, he writes.

Moving Forward

David Bartenwerfer’s career exemplifies the intersection of innovative thinking and strategic execution. From his early days at SRA International to his influential roles in major corporations and ultimately to founding Quantum Consulting and Technology,Bartenwerfer has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in business and technology. His work with professional sports franchises, regional sports networks, and his latest venture with REALbasis Inc. underscores his versatility and commitment to excellence. Bartenwerfer’s thought leadership in marketing ROI and technology investment reflects his deep understanding of complex business dynamics, making him a true industry leader.

Through his comprehensive approach to analytics and strategic planning, he continues to inspire and guide organizations toward achieving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.