Quanta Research Institute Releases The World’s First Immersive Lifestyle Camera For Smartphones

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Pi SOLO is a simple yet elegant camera device which aims to address all the problems and needs a user faces when taking a selfie. Dubbed “The best selfie camera in the world” Pi SOLO comes feature packed by itself, including a 4K, wide-angle quality lens, mobile app and social media sharing while still being versatile, feathery light and wearable. Below is our interview with Terence Huang, Senior Director at Pi SOLO:

Q: Why did you create Pi SOLO?

A: How do you take selfie photos right in front of a grand-scale landmark such as the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building in one shot?
How do you take group photos with families or friends at occasions such as Christmas or weekend happy hours without asking for someone’s help or carrying a tedious tripod?
How do you avoid the selfie stick that is prohibited in Disney theme parks and museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Louvre Museum?
How do you take magnificent panoramas of gorgeous landscapes without a thousand-dollar camera and lens system?
How do you go back to in time and fix the angle of that precious moment you like so much but wish that you’ve taken more shots of?
How do you stay focused on enjoying the moment without the distraction of constantly aiming the smartphone to follow the actions?
How do you create super cool and creative images to get thousands of likes on Instagram or Facebook?

These are just some of the reasons why we created the Pi SOLO.

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Q: What are the best features of Pi SOLO camera?

A: Ultra-wide angle (187° x 360°) and excellent image quality to capture everything that the eyes see.
Super compact and lightweight that can easily fit into pockets and can be worn at all time for quick photoshoots when traveling.
Comes with mobile APPs for live preview, advanced camera controls and rich features, available for both iPhone and Android.
AR Planet camera mode to create super fun selfie photos with cool image projection and augmented objects such as a glowing moon held in the hand.
“Aftershot” for post-capture editing to reframe photos or videos for perfect storytelling.
Share impressive wide-angle images on popular social platforms (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) as well as 360 content on Facebook and Line.
Live-streaming (in wide-angle or 360 mode) on Facebook to share immersive moments.
Built-in 6-axis sensor for automatic image orientation calibration.
Advanced camera modes for low-light (night mode) and long-exposure (manual mode) photos.
Advanced editing features such as image filters, image calibration, and cropping.
Free software updates for new features and “AR Planet” themes.

Q: What are the detailed specifications of the camera?

A: Field of view: 187° x 360° Ultra-wide angle and excellent image quality to capture everything that the eyes see.
Photo resolution: 12MP (up to 3456 x 3456 pixels).
Video resolution: 1920 x 1920 (30fps).
Weight: 2.1 ounces (66 grams), Super compact and lightweight that can easily fit into pockets and can be worn at all time for quick photoshoots when traveling.
Connectivity: Wi-Fi Direct (Android) / WiFi (iOS).
Sensors: 6-axis gyroscopic sensors.
Microphones: Stereo.
Storage: External SD card (up to 128GB).
Magnetic back for sticking the camera to metallic surfaces.
Standard tripod mount.
Smart power saving & quick wake-up.
Standalone operation mode & connected mode (with smartphone APP).

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Pi SOLO?

A: The Pi SOLO is perfect for:

a) Traveling to new places, scenic locations, and landmarks
b) Family events such as Christmas, New Year celebration, etc.
c) Family trips to theme-parks and museums
d) Gathering with friends on Friday nights or weekends
e) Self-promotion on social media

Simple and easy to use for anyone who loves traveling or photography.
A camera worth more than what it costs and carries more than what it weighs.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are continuously working on new enhancements including additional “AR Planet” themes to deliver to Pi SOLO owners through software updates so they can have more fun with the camera and be more creative with Pi SOLO. You get more than you paid for it.