QuadraClicks Gaming’s Innovative Mouse Helps You Game Longer And Happier

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QuadraClicks Gaming aims to help its users increase productivity, game longer and decrease pain from repetative clicking. RBT – Original Rebel has recently been successfully crowdfunded. Below is our interview with Qeric Koten, CEO of QuadraClicks Gaming:


Q: What’s your startup story?

A: I started working in summer of 2001 in a light distribution warehouse at the age of 15. Shortly after that, 911 happened. My father saw an opportunity to make money from the situation and homemade miniature sized American flags then sold them off at nearby gas stations. This experience taught me the importance of timing. In 2002 came the rising age of cellphone carrier agencies, I pitched the idea to a family friend who wanted to get in on the business with T-mobile to offer free cellphones and cash back rebates as incentives to attract customers. In 2004, a gym buddy asked me to get on board for an unpaid internship helping him analyze stock market. In 2009 I started a website “qualitytextbook” selling digital textbooks to my fellow students. After college I started another website called “newbbay” to help bring serialized fiction & nonfiction contents directly to book lovers. In 2013 I had an idea that would eventually become the product we have today – the RBT.


Q: How did RBTs – Original Rebel start?

A: RBT – Original Rebel was born from an accident. The original QuadraClicks mouse was intended for fingers to be placed underneath the raised buttons so the user could both downclick and upclick to even out muscle movements. After countless efforts to try & get gamers to like the design and failed, I accidentally had my hand on top of it one evening after a few beers, finally realized the solution being right in front of me, the whole time!

Q: What kinds of feedback are you getting from users?

A: Since I’ve had the 1st working prototype made, I’ve been demoing with gamers and heavy mouse users in trade shows and other social events. Those that tried it, their feedback have been overwhelming positive. I think everyone is just really shocked by RBT’s strong contrast in looks and functions.


Q: What makes RBTs – Original Rebel a good choice?

A: RBT – Original Rebel is a must have if you spend a lot of hours in front of computer each day, it offers better performance & pleasant working experience.

Q: What are your plans?

A: My plan this year for the RBT – Original Rebel is to introduce it as the official gaming Point&Click gear for the Esports community.