The Q&A With Cameron Chell: Blockchain Entrepreneur, Chairman Of ICOx Innovations

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Cameron Chell is a serial startup entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the technology, energy and finance sectors.

Most recently, Cameron branched into blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a co-founder and chairman of ICOx Innovations Inc. He’s also chairman and co-founder of KODAKOne, a blockchain-based image rights management platform for professional photographers, and the KODAKCoin cryptocurrency.

Cameron Chell has several blockchain-related projects for major brands in the works, all with common goals to design and create blockchain economies and Corporate Currencies that solve real-world problems with established organizations.

Cameron Chell

Q: Why is blockchain technology, in your opinion, more secure than what’s currently offered out there?

Cameron Chell: Where blockchain really shines is when we can remove a very expensive third party trust agent and it can verify very simple terms of a contract without having to have the element of trust involved. You’ve got the absolute assurance that it’s being done in a decentralized way. There’s thousands of computers that’s verifying these terms and conditions through algorithms and providing a trustless environment to transact is the way of the future.

Q: You have created KODKAOne – under a brand license agreement with KODAK to develop blockchain technology that protects, distributes and licenses the work of content creators. How is that changing photography?

Cameron Chell: Digital files have been amazing. You can share them, they are convenient and the dot com era really brought that to us. But positives always come with negatives. In this case, the digital era has negatively affected the music industry, the film industry, as well as the image industry. But now because of blockchain and new technologies, you can actually turn them into an asset. What we can do now is take these files, track them, authenticate them, put licenses on them and police them. Now content creators can create originals that can maintain value and be monetized.

Q: ICOx Innovations provides operational insights intended to benefit and grow its customers’ businesses through the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. It was recently announced that ICOx Innovations will trade publicly on the TSX. What does this mean for the future with respect to the work you’re doing there?

Cameron Chell: We plan on creating between 4 to 6 blockchain economies per year in partnership with large brands. In the meantime, we are excited that mainstream investors can now invest in our success and that of the companies we aim to usher into this new era.

Our goal here is to help established companies reduce their transaction costs, and increase customer adoption and engagement through a customized, authentic blockchain economy powered by a branded loyalty, reward, gaming, and payment cryptocurrency.

Q: The team involved with ICOx Innovations has done everything from building the first cloud computing company to putting cameras on the space station. How are you adapting to the latest regulations within the blockchain/cryptocurrency space?

Cameron Chell: We have a fantastic team from both the vision and the technology side. We’ve been in the business for a long time and we understand that regulations aren’t in place to control people, they are in place to protect people. We want to work within that framework. And that means doing it in an environment that is regulated and can be trusted by everybody.