Announces The Launch Of A New IT Consulting Firm Founded By Veterans Of The IT Consulting Business

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The CEO of has announced the launch of a new IT consulting firm founded by veterans of the IT consulting business in Canada and beyond. The company will focus on IT consulting services and IT support for companies of all sizes.

“We have been in the IT consulting business for over 10 years. The decision to launch a new company is based on our desire to help clients go beyond the standard strategies for technological and digital transformations. For many years, we have been working out a special approach to automate and digitalize operation in a minimally invasive manner.”

The new company is planning to use this unique method coupled with extensive experience to bring its clients a new way of optimizing their business IT-wise. Over the past decade, the team members have been developing a deep understanding of the goals the majority of business owners are trying to achieve without drastically changing their company management concept. is planning to revolutionize the approach to IT consulting, making its services an integral part of any business. The company is launching with over 50 specialists in the IT consulting field and planning to expand the team in the nearest future.

Even though the company is already working with some of the highly respectable businesses in Canada, it’s planning to actively look for new clients to create a multinational client base.

While talking about the immediate plans,’s CEO commented: “In the modern world of ever-changing technologies and IT services, staying on top of the game is highly important to the business owners regardless of the stage of their company growth and development. In the nearest future, we are planning to implement new business strategies for our clients while trying to keep the changes to a minimum.” will allow its clients to reach game-changing levels of performance by improving their IT capabilities within weeks. The company is promising to improve the value brought by IT to help companies stay ahead of the competition and find new opportunities for growth and development.

The new company’s goal is to help businesses implement a concise IT strategy while aligning it with the ever-changing business objectives. can either develop a new technology agenda or work with an existing one to bring it to a new level of success.