People Search Engine Instant Checkmate Helps Users Run Police-Like Criminal Background Checks

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Instant Checkmate is a public records search service that is designed to reveal background information about almost anyone in the United States. In 2010, the company’s founders wanted to provide a safe and easy way for people to look up details about their online dates. Since then, their service has grown by leaps and bounds, and people use Instant Checkmate to find their family members, uncover criminal pasts, look up unknown phone numbers, and more. Instant Checkmate has helped a woman reunite with her biological father’s family, connect long-lost friends after 70 years apart, and more.

Below is our interview with Kristle Khoury, Director of Inbound Marketing at The Control Group:


Q: Instant Checkmate’s people search Android app recently received a high 4.5-star rating; could you tell us something more?

A: Instant Checkmate’s Android app places our powerful public records search engine in the palm of your hand. The app offers a simple way to quickly view background information about people, look up phone numbers, and even view a person’s criminal records, when available. People don’t realize how often background information can come in handy, whether you’re heading out on a first date or trying to find an old friend’s contact details. We’re really proud of our 4.5-star rating, and we believe people love our app because of our accurate, high-quality information. Plus, our team of rockstar app developers is always working to improve the app based on user feedback.


Q: Can you give us more insights into your services?

A: All of our information comes from real public records, which refers to federal, state, and county data. This information is publicly available thanks to the 1967 Freedom of Information Act, but it’s not always easy to access because every state has different regulations and methods of recordkeeping. For the average person, trying to track down these records is messy and time-consuming, and we don’t think that’s fair. Americans have a right to access transparent information, and our service makes it easy to pull millions of public records into one background report.

Plus, our services cover the full gamut—you can access background reports with a person’s name, phone number, or email address. We even offer an award-winning blog, federal inmate search, criminal records glossary, and an Instant Checkmate help site to assist our users in getting the most out of the product.


Q: What makes Instant Checkmate a good choice?

A: Instant Checkmate is a great choice if you want an all-in-one service that will help you look up background information about the people in your life. We do all the work for you to provide members with unlimited background reports, and we even have a US-based member care team available 24/7 (holiday hours may vary) to assist with any questions. At Instant Checkmate, we endeavor to put our members first, and that mission shows in the quality of our information, our ease of use, and our awesome reviews, including an A+ rating from the BBB.

Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: We have big plans for Instant Checkmate. After the success of our Android app, the Instant Checkmate iOS app is coming out in early August. We have plans to roll out a loyalty program for long-time customers. We’re releasing new features on the app and desktop platforms to help people stay informed about the people in their lives, including recommended reports. For instance, if you look up a neighbor, our system will be able to locate and display their roommate’s report, too. We’re also boosting our report monitoring features so people can get instant updates via push notifications when new info is added to a report. It’s a really exciting time to be an Instant Checkmate member, and we’re looking forward to the next six months!