PathPartner – Distinguished Technology Enabler For Intelligent Systems

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PathPartner is a technically adventuristic company with a proven competency in delivering smart embedded solutions. With expertise in BSP & device drivers, sensor integration, computer vision, artificial intelligence, imaging, media codecs and hardware design, PathPartner enables its customers in developing futuristic devices across industries that include automotive, semiconductor, IoT, healthcare, cameras and surveillance. Below is our interview with Raman Narayanan, Senior Vice President at PathPartner Technologies Inc, USA:


Q: PathPartner Technology Contributed to Arthromeda’s Successful Preclinical Study of Arthrosight-PS™ Hip Alignment Navigation System; could you tell us something more?

A: Arthromeda is an organization founded by immensely talented and successful professionals in the field of healthcare and life-sciences. With their expertise in orthopaedic surgeries and its work-flow; and coupled with their constant endeavour to introduce smart medical devices, an innovative device like Arthrosight-PS was a natural outcome. PathPartner cherishes its association with Arthromeda and it is a source of immense pride that we have been a part of providing engineering solutions in this exciting journey of Arthrosight-PS’ development form a concept to the present phase wherein this product has been through successful cadaveric studies.

Arthromeda’s patented solution in Arthrosight-PS is a device that enables surgeons with critical information while performing Total Hip Arthroplastic surgeries (THA). This information includes orientation of acetabular implants, leg-length difference and femoral offset that defines the position of the leg-bone with the pelvis bone. The team at PathPartner developed the electronics hardware boards and pertinent software that includes algorithm development using MEMS/Laser sensors and Photodiodes, firmware development using device drivers and development of APP and Cloud solutions.

Arthrosight-PS will be a useful medical device that can be used by an orthopaedic surgeon for procedures and this will definitely aid in positive surgical outcomes.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your services?

A: With our vision “To be a distinguished Technology Enabler for Intelligent Systems”, PathPartner offers design, development and integration services in advanced embedded technology to solve complex challenges for client around the world, providing them the advantage of top of the line technologies, superior performance and faster time-to-market options.

Q: What makes Instant PathPartner Technology a good choice?

A: PathPartner has been ever nimble to understand the trends in technology space and this has consistently shaped our business as we stride along as an organization.

As the industry transitions to smart embedded devices, secure and connected intelligent systems; PathPartner has the required competencies and expertise in areas of sensors, security, connectivity, cloud and analytics.

This, with our inherent strength in signal processing, algorithm development and systems, PathPartner has emerged as a one-stop technology powerhouse that can realize smart applications in this connected world.

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: Post the successful cadaveric studies, our engagement with Arthromeda continues as the journey of Arthrosight-PS enters the Verification and Validation phase. As a part of Arthromeda team, we are striving on improvising the product and ensures it meets all the norms that would enable it for commercial regulatory approvals and clinical validation.