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June 2017: Top 7 Best Budget Smartphones

Lenovo P2, this is by far the most underrated phones of 2017. Offering the best battery life ever seen on a phone and for less than 200 pounds. Cramming in a massive 5100 milliamp power battery. The P2 can last up to 3 days. That’s not all, it’s got a 5,5 inch Full HD Super AMOLED display…

Top 5 Best Smartphones You Could Get Right Now


If you’re looking for a phone right now, there are just so many available ones that it can feel overwhelming as to which choice you should get. Here, we will count on the very best phones you could get right now…

Top 10 New Android Apps For This Month

Amazon free time is a new kids app, it boasts a collection of video content from big kids companies like PBS, Nickelodeon, Disney and others. There is also a variety of books, games and other content that’s well suited for children…