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Microsoft’s New Surface Laptop Will Be Available On June 15th


We’ve seen plenty of unique spins on laptop from Microsoft, with the surface prone, surface book, but today we finally have a traditional laptop from the company – Surface Laptop Hands-On. It’s very thin and light-weight laptop that Microsoft is targeting against the MacBook Air…

Can You Create A Video Game While Cycling?


Two game developers take an unprecedented game development journey from Helsinki to Malmö on May 12th – 17th creating a game while they cycle. The duo travels with a tandem bike creating as green game as possible. The game jam happens on the saddle…

Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs Xiaomi Mi 6, Who Will Win?


Here is the quick comparison between Samsung Galaxy S8, optical one which is European model, and Xiaomi Mi 6.
There are 6 gigabytes of RAm on the Mi 6 and there are 4 gigabytes on the Samsung galaxy S8. Both have 64 gigabytes of storage UFS 2.0 and both have very quick speeds…

Three Netflix Tips That Will Change Your Stream Experience


A lot of people are cutting the cable and switching to streaming services like Netflix to watch movies and TV shows. These hacks will change the way you stream. Scrolling through the lists and lists of titles can be daunting in a pain when you aren’t sure what you really want to watch. Try FlixRoulette.net…