OZMOSI Launches Two New Intelligence Tools To Help Its Clients Make Better Business Critical Decisions

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OZMOSI is a privately-held business intelligence consulting firm based in New Jersey, providing strategic support, competitive analysis and product/portfolio forecasting solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. To find out more we sat down with Beau Bush, President and Founder of Ozmosi:

Q: Who are the primary clients of OZMOSI and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: Our clients are typically in the pharmaceutical industry and are concerned with strategic planning, portfolio, and clinical trial design.

By applying proprietary models, OZMOSI supports its Global Pharma and Biotech clients in making decisions with confidence about their complex and expensive R&D investments. These models can further be applied by investment analysts and investors looking for accurate product and market forecasts to help them better identify winners and manage risk within their portfolios.

Q: What makes OZMOSI unique?

A: The project managers at OZMOSI have worked for big pharm companies in the past, so they have a clear understanding of what their clients’ needs are and the innovative resources required to deliver their solutions.

OZMOSI, an emerging leader in competitive intelligence and forecasting solutions and in September, they announced the launch of a new global website which consolidates clinical trial data from all around the world into a single searchable database, GlobalClinicalTrialsData. By delivering a website that aggregates current trial data from clinical trial registries around the world into one single, easy-to-use website researchers, doctors, patients, pharmaceutical companies and investment firms, can search more than 280,000 trials covering over 3,700 disease areas to better understand and explore clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry. This dramatically reduces the amount of time spent on aggregating clinical trial data from around the world which will hopefully get newly developed medicines into the hands of those who need them faster. In addition to the release of GlobalClinicalTrialsData, OZMOSI has also released a radically new and powerful competitive intelligence tool- BEAM. BEAM intuitively curates data and delivers intelligence through advanced visuals, dynamic views and highly customizable reporting, enabling high profile decisions to be made with accuracy, insight and confidence.

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Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: Currently, OZMOSI is onboarding several new clients to ensure that their new competitive intelligence tool, BEAM is providing the support each needs for their unique and challenging business needs.

The current version of GlobalClinicalTrialsData includes trials from the United States, Europe and Japan. Trial data from China, Australia and New Zealand will be added by the end of the year. In 2018, OZMOSI will provide access to 99 percent of all clinical trials around the world in a single, standardized, real-time stream that can be easily managed, sorted, and analyzed.

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Q: What’s the best thing about OZMOSI that people might not know about?

A: OZMOSI funded the development, architecture, and ongoing enhancements of the website, GlobalClinicalTrialsData.com, because the team at OZMOSI believes that free data should be free.

There is an opportunity to fundamentally transform how the healthcare industry works. Setting profits aside and giving GlobalClinicalTrialsData to the world is the right thing to do because we believe that free data should be free for everyone. By offering real-time information, ten times more downloadable data than any other trial registry, and by removing download restrictions, GlobalClinicalTrialsData will provide greater industry transparency and incredible efficiencies, which will empower and encourage the industry to increase cooperation and collaboration on drug research like never-before.