Over The Past 20 Years, Match Performance Has Strived To Help Organizations Deliver Their Change Ambitions In A More Effective And Sustainable Way

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Below is our recent interview with James Fowler, the Director of Match Performance:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Match Performance?

A: Match Performance, over the past 20 years, has strived to help organisations deliver their change ambitions in a more effective and sustainable way, to give them a competitive edge in ever-changing business climates.

Inevitably, this has evolved to leverage the most advanced technologies in the present day, and we work with businesses in a data-driven way to help them reach their potential, to enact change successfully, and to remain agile and nimble enough to negotiate challenging economic climates.

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Q: What sets you apart from your competition?

A: Match is the only company to use data-based software solutions to help organisation identify the right talent for different stages of their scaling end continuous improvement journeys.

With technology and industry evolving so quickly, it may be impossible to truly predict what the landscape will be in five or 10 years. But that’s exactly why the onus should be on organisations to instil a cultural flexibility and preparedness so they’re able to take on whatever challenges await them.

Despite the proliferation of digital, this still primarily begins by having the right people in place – the right mindsets that are open to change, and that will help the company keep ahead of the curve, not just keep up with it.

Our utilisation of big data and AI to unearth these talents – both long-term and shorter-term as part of the gig economy – is what sets us apart.

Q: What types of services do you provide to your clients?

A: Using a mix of consultancy, technology and an extensive network developed over the past 20 years, we enhance organisations’ change performance.

Spanning numerous geographies and sectors our data-driven solution addresses individuals and teams alike, ensuring that the optimum people are identified, attracted and embedded in line with each client’s change goals and transformation ambitions.

As such, we’re trying to veer industry away from less effective, traditional hiring methods. No amount of experience or ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ can match the level of accuracy that our AI algorithms can. And for every successful hire; time, money and resources are saved as a consequence, contributing to clients’ wider overheads and KPIs.

Ultimately, having a consulting partner like Match allows organisation to flex and scale more agilely according to needs at different times, knowing that they have a partner who can help them discover the most suitable talent at any given time so they can continue to scale at pace without stumbling over any hurdles.

Q: How do you help organizations improve their Digital and Business Change agendas?

A: When trends or demand can’t be predicted years ahead of time, then companies need to foster a DNA that inherently reacts fast. That’s what we help instil, by encouraging more holistic matching of talent to roles.

This encompasses experience, knowledge, skill sets, and more personal characteristics; all of which are filtered through our multi-stage, data-driven solutions. By building agility into these HR processes, clients become more resilient not just to these aforementioned consumer or industry trends, but also to new regulatory climates or any new legislation that may affect them.

In regard to shorter-term hires, this notion is even more critical. To be able to find cover or short-term fixes without going through long-term hiring processes is pivotal. And it’s important for the prospective candidates, too. If they see that they’re entering an organisation that is transforming at pace, but also understands their strengths and resultant role, then they’re likely to feel much more attracted to the proposition.

Unfortunately, at present, there are still far too many companies and HR departments failing to deliver effective agile initiatives; able to consider the candidates’ needs, the company’s trajectory, the industry demands being catered for, and the legislation that engulfs them all. It’s a complicated ecosystem that can’t be negotiated with rigidness.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: We are the true embodiment of having to ‘practice what we preach’. If we’re looking to keep ahead of numerous sector curves on behalf of our clients to bring them the most prepared and agile strategy possible; then we of course need to do the same ourselves.

We’re able to keep our finger on the pulse with a unique mix of personal experience and insight, and the most modern technologies.

In making ourselves digitally-driven, we’ve been able to take a sector-agnostic approach in recent years and we’re looking to maintain that moving forward; aggregating experience, lessons learnt and data to solve the ever-diversifying challenges that our clients face.

From a data perspective, we review and refresh our tools and solutions on a quarterly basis to keep ahead of the curve ourselves, to ultimately ensure we’re ready to guide others through their own transformations.