OTRS – A Customizable Support Desk Software That Manages Workflows And Structures Communication

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Below is our recent interview with Christopher Kuhn, COO at OTRS:

Christopher Kuhn

Q: What is the best thing about OTRS that people might not know about?

A: That could be many things, but one we want to highlight here is that OTRS is actually available as On-Premise software AND as a cloud-based solution. Half of all new customers currently opt for fully-managed OTRS (our cloud-based option). In this scenario, the software runs in our data centers so that customers do not have to spend their time on operation or maintenance tasks. Our Customer Solution Team provides our customers with the perfect service experience, from supporting the necessary infrastructure and ensuring smooth operation of the solution to advising them on how to get the most out of OTRS.

In case customers want to maintain systems internally or are simply subject to specific compliance guidelines, OTRS On-Premise is there for them. They can select this option to manage and operate all necessary hardware components in-house.

Q: What are the benefits of OTRS for companies?

A: OTRS is service management software that optimizes workflows; this allows employees to focus on their core tasks which increases overall productivity.

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Q: Who are your primary clients and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: More than 170,000 companies worldwide use OTRS, including over 40 percent of the DAX 30 companies. We live in a fast-paced world driven by digital transformation and numerous communication channels that can make communication confusing and time consuming. According to the latest OTRS Study among 500 employees, over a third of office employees spend one hour a day on sorting their emails.This is where digitally-structured communication via a ticket system helps reduce time spent and increase efficiency.

Q: What are the most important arguments for OTRS?

A: Compared to competitors, we get teams up and running fast. Some of our competitors conduct project times of up to two years to get their clients up and running. In a direct comparison we deliver the same result at a fraction of the time due to our proven agile implementation approach.

Secondly, OTRS can be adapted to the needs of each industry and company size. Our customers include DAX 30 companies as well as small start-ups.

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Q: What are your clients saying about you? How did you influence their businesses?

A: One proof point of our customer satisfaction is that we have recently been awarded as a FrontRunner by Software Advice. Users have chosen OTRS as a top IT help desk software among 240 solutions.

Besides that, we get a lot of positive feedback by our customers. One of them is ENAV, a leading navigation service provider in charge of securing the Italian airspace. They were happy to have improved and sped upinternal activities as well as implemented reliable statistics for management reporting after implementing OTRS. “OTRS met all the original requirements and very soon boosted our efficiency significantly. It has even had a positive influence on the mentality of the users, helping them to make even smarter and more professional decisions”, says Giovanni Mellini, security engineer at ENAV. For more success stories go to https://otrs.com/success-stories/.