OSNEXUS QuantaStor SDS Platform Makes It Easy For IT Professionals To Manage And Secure Storage Appliances

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OSNEXUS helps companies manage their storage with their QuantaStor Software-Defined Storage (SDS) platform. QuantaStor helps companies grow from small configurations (< 1PB) to hyperscale deployments which can span global datacenters. QuantaStor SDS is a unified storage platform meaning it provides file, block, and object storage in a single solution, and its sold worldwide through Distributors, VARs, OEMs, and System Integrators that provide turn-key storage solutions.

Below is our interview with Steven Umbehocker, CEO of OSNEXUS Corporation:

Q: Steven, can you give us more insight into your software-defined storage platform QuantaStor SDS?

A: One of the biggest challenges facing IT organizations is how to reduce and eliminate complexity. Traditional SAN/NAS systems increase in complexity as additional appliances are deployed because they are managed independently, which forms what is often referred to as “storage silos.” Storage silos create security risks, capacity planning issues and are difficult to automate. In contrast, QuantaStor’s unique storage grid technology makes it easy for IT organizations to manage and secure all of their storage appliances as a unified federated entity which we refer to as the storage grid. With QuantaStor storage grids it’s easy to manage and automate storage operations at hyperscale which today we view as deployments in the 10PB to 100PB range.

This is what makes it easy for QuantaStor to meet the increasing capacity and performance needs in a variety of data-intensive industries including healthcare, energy, media & entertainment, financial services, law enforcement, and more.

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Q: Tell us more about the technology behind QuantaStor SDS?

A: QuantaStor SDS storage grid technology links appliances together over standard TCP/IP networks and enables the formation of storage grids which include hardware for different vendors and QuantaStor Virtual Storage Appliances (VSAs). OSNEXUS uses HTTPS TLS encrypted SOAP as the communication protocol between nodes, and grids are resilient to site and appliance outages. The grid technology is best thought of as an advanced control-plane management technology. It’s not in the datapath and an outage of grid communication does not interrupt IO access to storage resources. QuantaStor’s grid technology eliminates the complexity that has burdened storage administrators of traditional storage solutions. QuantaStor also allows the management of all storage appliances as a single unit.

Additionally, QuantaStor includes end-to-end security coverage enabling multi-layer data protection “on-the-wire” and “at-rest” for enterprise and cloud storage deployments, which is ideal for a variety of industry applications. QuantaStor has HIPAA and CJIS compliant password and policy enforcement built into the platform for industries that require government-mandated security standards.

High availability is another important feature of QuantaStor as it ensures business continuity in the event of a system failure such as a power outage, appliance hardware failure, software crash, or human error. Automatic failover, data replication across multiple servers, and simplified maintenance set QuantaStor apart in the industry.

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Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like QuantaStor SDS?

A: More and more companies today are looking for solutions to meet their growing data capacity and performance needs. QuantaStor SDS provides a versatile all-in-one solution that meets the needs of the most data-intensive industries today.

OSNEXUS works with hardware providers and resellers to find the most economical solution for your physical datacenter, or can provide Virtual Storage Appliances via Microsoft Azure for cloud deployments.

Q: What are OSNEXUS’ plans for the future?

A: OSNEXUS continuously innovates and provides industry-leading support to ensure customer and partner success with every deployment. Within the QuantaStor platform, OSNEXUS is developing advanced configuration analytics into the QuantaStor SDS grid architecture which will help customers and partners accelerate the deployment and configuration process. OSNEXUS is also developing new innovations around NVMe technology and iSCSI RDMA support for next-generation all-flash solutions that will exceed 2M IOPS on standard server hardware.