Organizations Need Better Security Intelligence And Specialized Training To Optimize Data Protection

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Below is our recent interview with Mark B. Cooper, President & Founder at PKI Solutions:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: PKI Solutions is an industry leading provider of expert Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) consulting, PKI Training, and support services to help organizations around the world keep their data protected at all times. An organization’s PKI governs the issuance of digital certificates to protect sensitive data, provide unique digital identities for users, devices and applications, and secure end-to-end communications. Our team has deep knowledge and experience in all things PKI as it relates to Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS), PKI design and implementation, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile security.

PKI Solutions has implemented several PKI solutions at enterprise organizations, many of them Fortune 500 companies, around the world. In addition, our self-paced online PKI training courses provide the most up-to-date PKI training available to help students build their PKI knowledge and skills.

Q: Tell us more about how your company helps organizations learn to better protect their data with your specialized training courses.

A: The ability to design and manage an organization’s PKI environment to optimize data protection is highly dependent on the skills and knowledge of those managing it. That’s why PKI Solutions offers a variety of PKI training courses to help IT professionals build their skills.

Our self-paced online Microsoft PKI In-Depth training course gives students a deep dive into PKI and Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) and focuses on helping students build their knowledge and skills with all of its features. There is a strong emphasis on security, best practices, and hands-on skills labs.

Students will also learn important data protection and PKI best practices through our Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) Advanced self-paced online training course. This course is recommended for anyone who has taken the Microsoft PKI In-Depth training course or is already familiar with Microsoft ADCS and comfortable in a lab environment working with Certificate Services.

Our 12 Month Training Subscription, which provides full access to all of our self-paced online training courses for 12 months, is a great option for organizations that also want to have subscription seats that are fully transferable between employees. In addition, our Training Subscription program provides access to the PKI Tribe which is a twice-monthly live group coaching call where a community of PKI professionals help each other overcome technical hurdles, develop PKI strategies, and answer training questions.

We also plan to introduce a new Introduction to Certificates & Keys PKI training course in a few weeks. This self-paced training course gives students an overview of Digital Certificates and Key Usage, explains basic concepts for Windows and Linux, and includes a strong emphasis on security and best practices while providing students with hands-on skills labs. Our subscription users will be able to access this new course in February and we’ll be releasing it more broadly shorter thereafter.

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Q: What can we expect from your company in the next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: We’re looking forward to an action-packed next six months and beyond. We will be launching a groundbreaking new PKI product for enterprise organizations in Q1 that will provide organizations’ IT teams with better security intelligence. We’re excited to introduce a “new way to PKI.” We believe that real-time information and holistic monitoring is key to achieving the best security and availability of your PKI. This is an area that currently has no automation or solutions to address the security and operational requirements that organizations need. Stay tuned for more news from us about this upcoming announcement.

We also expect our business to continue to grow exponentially due to the high need for data protection and security intelligence. As organizations around the world become ever more dependent on online services and devices, the need to secure data, electronic transactions and vital information are more important and challenging than ever before. And, the data that organizations need to secure is growing at an explosive, exponential rate. In fact, IDC predicts by 2025 there will be 41.6 billion IoT devices connected to businesses and these devices will generate 79.4 zettabytes of data. According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2021 Global PKI Trends and IoT Trends Study, this rapid growth in the use of IoT devices is having a huge impact on the use of PKI technologies, and there is a growing realization that PKI provides important core authentication technologies for the IoT. PKI is a critical infrastructure for digital business success and a well-designed, well-managed PKI will help organizations protect their data.

Q: What is one of the best things about your company that people might not know about?

A: One of the best things about PKI Solutions is our company’s great team and outstanding support services. Our support service program is a one of a kind since PKI Solutions provides an unlimited PKI support program that doesn’t make customers second guess when opening a support ticket. Organizations work with PKI Solutions because we are their trusted PKI advisor and our support program is a key component of our long-term relationships with our customers