Open Marketplace BrandFIT Connects Advertisers Directly To Social Media Influencers

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BrandFIT is an online open marketplace platform connecting advertisers directly to social media influencers for digital campaigns. They provide businesses with the capability to source and hire a celebrity endorser or influencer as easily as you would hire an Uber driver, book a vacation on Expedia or a room on Airbnb. Below is our recent interview with Maher Jaber, CEO of BrandFIT:

Maher Jaber

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to BrandFIT?

A: Our platform provides access to over 30,000 social media influencers. We have detailed information on the all the influencers we work with, including their reach, engagement rates, audience interests, geographic location and causes they care about (to name a few) to best connect brands with influencers, reaching their target demographic. We also have a robust vetting process to ensure our influencers are who they say they are and have real followers.

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Q: Tell us more about what you’re offering to your clients?

A: The BrandFIT platform supports all 12 major social media networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Line, Tumblr, Google+, Snapchat, FourSquare and Reddit. These networks connect over five billion people worldwide. We have also embedded a real-time messaging system that allows brands to directly message the influencers working on their campaign at any point during the process to ensure a seamless execution and campaign success.

Q: What is content marketing and why is it so important?

A: Content marketing concentrates on creating valuable and relevant content specifically designed for a target audience. Unlike traditional marketing which is essentially a sales tool directed to the masses, content marketing is informative, and ensures the right message is delivered to the right people.

Developing a content marketing strategy through influencer marketing is not only a cost-efficient way to increase sales, but it also creates better customer loyalty, and brand awareness. Generating content that is useful, informative and entertaining to your audience is a great way to stay top of mind, and create a connection with consumers, hence building trust. Traditional advertising is generally expensive, unmeasured and untargeted. Consumers are seeking quality information more so than someone trying to sell to them. Engaging an audience with your content will draw people to your website, not only boosting your web traffic, but also building a positive impression of your brand.

Q: What is the key to BrandFIT’s methodology?

A: We wanted to simplify the process for companies to source and hire an influencer for their brand, while at the same time being able to quantify the results. Often, brands engage in social media campaigns but are not aware of the resulting engagement or if the dollars spent was worth the investment. Key components of BrandFIT’s methodology is control over message delivery and extensive post campaign reporting. The online open marketplace platform also allows advertisers to locate and hire social media influencers to execute digital campaigns at a lower cost than traditional advertising, and our vetting process ensures the influencers have real followers.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: There is significant growth in the social media branding sector over the next several years. There will be more businesses using social media for branding over the next five years, and companies will allocate at least a third of its advertising budget towards social media. I see BrandFIT as the leader in content marketing and connecting brands to consumers using social media influencers. An IPO is an inevitable part of BrandFIT’s future, investors should keep an eye on us for exciting developments.