OnTheClock Provides Small Businesses With A Robust And Accurate Solution For Tracking Employee Hours Worked

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OnTheClock is a time clock software that’s helped over 15,000 companies track more than 500 million hours by providing small businesses with a robust and accurate solution for tracking employee hours worked. Time data is automatically calculated when employees punch in and out to reflect time card reports. OnTheClock also integrates with many payroll partners; offering a simple solution for payroll processing. Below is our recent interview with Tim Glendenning, Marketing Manager at OnTheClock:

Q: Tim, what are some of the specific use cases or scenarios you can share on how consumers can leverage your product?

A: We have performed numerous case studies with our customers. In a recent interview, the customer spoke about how our product helps their team in many ways. One of the scenarios emphasized is the ability for their team to track hours worked for accurate billing. “The ability to start and stop when needed provides detailed time that was spent on a task. It helps us to improve accuracy when it comes to billing appropriately. It’s also a great artifact of time to judge if we are quoting our projects and jobs accurately,” said an OnTheClock user.

In another customer success story, we interviewed the owner of a farmer’s market who was faced with the scenario of his employees reporting inaccurate hours worked. “The main challenge I faced was accurate time reporting for the staff and OnTheClock provides me with the ability to track their hours,” said an OnTheClock user.

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Q: What does it take to get started and to set up a new time tracking system?

A: Getting started is extremely simple and only takes an average of two minutes. The first step is to start your 30-day free trial by visiting ontheclock.com or using our mobile app. Next you will add employees and select the settings and features that suit your business. Once your account is set up, your employees will be able to punch in and out to start generating accurate time cards. No software needs to be installed since everything is cloud-based. It’s really that easy!

Q: Who are your clients and what are some of the key challenges you’re helping them solve?

A: The majority of our customers are decision makers for a company across numerous industries in more than 44 countries. Some of these decision makers include business owners, CEO’s, HR managers, accountants and payroll providers.

Each user of our time tracking software has their own unique challenges. Some of the most common challenges our clients face in their businesses that influences their decision to seek our services include high payroll expenses, inaccurate timecards, not knowing who is punched in, dishonest employees, and not being able to track paid time off.

Fortunately our time tracking system is designed to assist with such pain points. An employer can reduce payroll expenses by providing 100% accuracy on employees’ timesheets. OnTheClock also offers powerful GPS technology to display punch locations so an employer can visually see who is on the clock and working.

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Q: What makes your business exceptional? Why do customers choose you over others? What is unusual or unique about your business, in comparison to your competitors or similar businesses?

A: Based on our customer reviews and their feedback; it is our passion for people, our product and values that makes us exceptional in the time tracking industry. Customers also tell us the reasoning for choosing us over our competitors is primarily due to pricing and our detailed time clock features.

Our core values are what makes us unique compared to our competitors. We put our employees and customers above all – even above profit and growth. When our employees are happy it creates a company that customers love. Not only do we learn from each other internally, we also learn from our customers. We listen to what they have to say and do the best to provide them with their demands. We have proudly created a culture that overcomes obstacles to deliver excellence.