On-Demand Platform REME Brings Wellness Services To Your Home And Office

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Below is our recent interview with Hisham Koshak, CEO at REME:

Q: What is REME? How does it work?

A: REME is an on-demand platform bringing wellness services to your home or office. There are two main ways that REME works. First, a user can order one of our wellness services to their home from our app or website. Second, a company manager can order services for their organization. We offer massage, stretch, or IV Therapy in-home or in-office,

Q: Why is REME now focusing on B2B Corporate Wellness programs for organizations?

A: B2B/Corporate Wellness was always part of our roadmap and mission. Whether at work or at home, our vision has always been to offer one platform for all of your wellness needs. We are in Phase 1 of our vision, and we can’t wait to show what we have in store for the future. Everyday people will be using REME to create a wellness-focused lifestyle that is convenient and personalized to their needs.

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Q: What are the benefits of initiating a corporate wellness program on an organizational level?

A: Disengagement is costing businesses in the US a staggering $300b a year. The benefit of a company shifting their focus to offering a robust wellness program is engaging their workers, leading to an increase in sales (37%), productivity (31%), and innovation (300%), according to an analysis of studies by The Harvard Business Review. As employee morale increases, costs related to absenteeism, healthcare, and turnover decreases.

Q: How prevalent is workplace burnout and stress? How does it affect productivity?

A: Workplace burnout and stress occur due to the complexity of our work and home environments increase, which causes the stress level of each individual to increase. People are often left feeling stressed and burnt out, leading to poor performance and acute and chronic health problems. To speak to prevalence, according to the CDC, stress is the cause of 90% of the health conditions that contribute to lost productivity at work, costing U.S. businesses $2.2 trillion annually ($1,685 per employee).

Q: How is REME different from other solutions for wellness?

A: REME takes a 360 holistic approach to health and wellness bringing together in-home and at-work services to ensure the whole person is taken care of whether at home or at work. We want people to bring their A-game to everything they do, and wellness is a huge part of being your best.

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Q: What’s next for REME?

A: REME is developing an AI system to connect and better help our users so that our system will be able to identify behaviors so then it can recommend wellness services to the user that they can take advantage of. We want to make health and wellness easier and accessible to people who lead busy professional lifestyles.