OlaClick Provides An Alternative For Restaurants Who Want To Grow Their Own Sales Channel Without Paying Commissions

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Below is our recent interview with Ulysse Lichtlé, Co-Founder & CPO of OlaClick:

Q: Can you provide a brief overview of OlaClick?

A: OlaClick is an alternative for restaurants in Latin America who want to grow their own sales channel without paying commissions! They create a digital menu, promote it in a very simple way and receive orders through WhatsApp. Today we run with more than 6K restaurants who tract 1M final users and generate 700K$ orders per month.

Q: Why create OlaClick now? What factors in the market make it important to launch OlaClick at this moment in time?

A: With the appearance of Covid-19, we saw how traditional food businesses struggle to generate sales with their customers. They don’t fit in marketplaces, they can’t afford their fees nor their application process. Eat-in restaurants were looking for QR menus and the rest of food & beverage businesses were trying to attend their digital orders with google forms.

Q: Which kind of businesses are your ideal users and why?

A: Our best user is your favorite traditional pizzeria around the corner who doesn’t have nor the skills or time to manage a digital strategy for their sales. They want a simple solution to attend their client base which is now asking for delivery, pick-up and contactless ordering. In fact we attend both traditional and new small and medium food and beverage businesses who claim the right to attend their digital clients by their own and free of commission.

Q: What’s your revenue model? How are you funded?

A: OlaClick is based on a freemium model combined with an advertising tool. Free access allows you to create your menu, receive and generate orders. Premium access helps you with crm and promotion tools.

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Q: What is next on the roadmap for OlaClick?

A: Today we run this easy ordering system and business back office that works. We now have to release our Premium features to help boost our users sales and launch OlaClick marketplace to enhance the benefits for both merchants and users.