NXT Robotics Delivers Intelligent Autonomous Security Reporting And Monitoring Solutions

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NXT Robotics is a San Diego, California based company that provides Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), commonly known as robots, to support increased security monitoring and alerting requirements. Founded in 2015, the company’s unique autonomous platforms deliver security-related services while meeting performance and cost expectations for indoor and outdoor applications. To find out more we sat down with Darin Andersen, who serves as Chief Executive Officer and Jeff Debrosse, the Founder/Chief Technical Officer:


Q: Can you give us more insight into your products?

A: NXT Robotics is currently in stealth testing mode for two distinctly different types of UGVs – outdoor and indoor – which have proven to be an increasingly popular choice for security-conscious companies seeking maximum protection while lowering costs and ensuring consistent and high-quality protection.

Outdoor UGVs: Scorpion, a rugged all-terrain and all-weather robot, provides round-the-clock physical security monitoring and reporting. Measuring 36” high, 24” wide, and 60” long, the 275-pound, six-wheeled mobile unit features a built-in bull-horn that can address intruders. A remote operator can also speak through the annunciator and listen via the on-board microphone.

Indoor UGVs: Measuring four feet in height, the mobile, single-stem, large-eyed indoor security robot has a striking resemblance to the character “ET.” Its proposed uses are multiple: commercial real estate, indoor parking structures, campus security, and venue security. Indoor security robots represent a class of collaborative robots (co-bots) that operate in tight and open spaces alongside people. Thus, robots are no longer restricted to “safety zones” – but are instead integrated into the organization’s daily workflow.

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Q: What makes these security robotic products so innovative?

A: Scorpion and Iris support mobile security operations 24/7 — indoor, outdoor, day or night. With intelligent on-board analytics, data remains within the operator’s premises and/or data center. Plus, the visual analytics and security awareness required are still readily available. Security managers can optionally connect to the NXT cloud-based visual analytics platform for enhanced results such as hair, shirt/trouser colors, abandoned package detection, license plate recognition (white-listing and black-listing), aggressive behavior detection as well as foot and vehicle traffic patterns for anomalous behavior/pattern detection.

Special features (Scorpion):

• With its built-in annunciator (bullhorn) capability, Scorpion can address intruders in noisy environments. A remote operator can also speak through the annunciator and listen via the on-board microphone.
• To provide maximum benefit to security teams, each Scorpion unit is delivered with a feature-rich sensor package, extended runtime and a fully-sealed/tamper-proof housing.
• Scorpion autonomous security platform with built-in visual analytics and DVR allows organizations to:
o Gain security awareness in areas that may be considered blind spots
o Receive alerts based on object recognition
o Identify and alert based on human body orientation (transition from vertical-to-horizontal)
o Cost-effectively deploy Scorpion sentries across small/large organizations
o Connect to, and automatically receive dispatch information from the INVISN™ security platform

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Q: What are your plans for the next six months?

A: Product testing and feasibility studies of both applications is now underway, with commercial release expected by year’s end.