Nuweba Enables Organizations To Reap The Benefits Of Serverless, Without Compromising On Security, And Performance

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Below is our recent interview with Ido Neeman, Co-Founder and CEO of Nuweba:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Nuweba?

A: Nuweba is an ultra-fast and highly-secure FaaS (Functions-as-a-Service) platform. We’ve rearchitected serverless from the kernel up to enable 10X+ faster performance, higher scalability and embedded 6 layers of advanced application security. Nuweba is compatible with leading serverless platforms, so you can start using Nuweba with only one click and without any changes to your code or configuration. If, for example, you’re an AWS Lambda user, you can use Nuweba on AWS and don’t leave your ecosystem. It all stays the same, but now you’re running much faster and with application layer security.

Q: Ido, can you tell us something more about your background? What were you doing before co-founding Nuweba?

A: Before Nuweba, I spent 4 years leading investments and analysis for a prominent Israeli hedge fund, with focus on tech equities. Prior to that I spent 11 years in the Israeli Intelligence Corps leading large-scale cybersecurity activities.

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Q: What are Cold Starts and how do they effect serverless applications?

A: A Cold Start is the delay / startup latency that’s added to functions’ invocation when a new function instance in provisioned. This process can take between a few hundred milliseconds to tens of seconds. Cold starts are a “nightmare” for some developers due to the significant latency and unpredictability of functions’ performance. Nuweba’s cold start are extremely short (shorter than other platforms’ warm-starts) hence, enabling ,much faster and predictable performance. At Nuweba we believe that a better term is Invocation Overhead, but I don’t think we have the time to elaborate on this right now (you can read about it on Nuweba’s blog).

Q: How is Nuweba different compared to other serverless platforms out there?

A: Nuweba is the fastest serverless platform and its performance allow the use of FaaS for user-facing applications, mission-critical services and other core workloads. The long latency introduced by other platforms, don’t allow them to support these use-cases. In addition, Nuweba offers enterprise-grade application security, so organizations can use serverless without compromising in security and without having to work with a 3rd party security vendor. We also offer deep real-time visibility into users serverless applications, from the kernel to distributed tracing.

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Q: What makes serverless architectures appealing?

A: Serverless allows companies to ship better software faster, and with lower cost. By abstracting the infrastructure, serverless leaves developers more time to focus on business logic and how to create great applications and services.

Q: What can we expect from Nuweba in the future?

A: We just announced that Nuweba is the first serverless platform to offer GPU support. This is a game-changer for AI and ML applications. Until now, developers of AI application couldn’t use serverless architectures, but today the can use Nuweba to do so. We have some more exciting features up our sleeve, and working hard on making our customers happy.