Nugget App Helps You Discover Great Deals On Amazon

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Written by: Tom Schmidt, Founder of nugget

Nugget is an app that curates the best deals on Amazon to help you discover awesome stuff at great prices. Amazon has an unbeatable selection of products with reliable customer service and fast shipping, but it’s hard to actually shop for things, especially on mobile. Nugget uses a combination of machine learning and human curation to find great deals, and we add a selection of these new deals to our app every day.


I used to be a Product Manager on various ads products at Facebook and Instagram. Naturally, a large number of our advertisers were in eCommerce or Retail, and one of the largest issues many of them faced was losing customers to Amazon. At the same time, Amazon still only works if you come to it knowing roughly what you want to buy — there’s no great way to browse Amazon and many of the hidden deals or ‘nuggets’ go uncovered as a result. Nugget is an attempt at solving these two problems.

Nugget is for people who love the thrill of getting a great deal on cool, interesting products. Our tagline is ‘the best stuff on Amazon’ and we try to stick by that with a blend of products that are reasonably priced, high quality, and will ship fast to your door.