Nubeva’s Vision Is To Enable The Enterprise To Access And Manage Cloud Packets When And Where Needed For Confidence In The Cloud

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Below is our recent interview with Steve Perkins, from Nubeva:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Nubeva?

A: Nubeva Technologies launched in 2016 when co-founders, Randy Chou, CEO, and Greig Bannister, CTO, saw a missing link in how organizations monitor data in the public cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform).

Today, Nubeva’s vision is to provide best-of-breed security for organizations that have apps and resources on public cloud platforms. To achieve this, Nubeva is committed to the following:

1. Activate cloud adoption by enabling security: The future of business is the cloud and securing the cloud will be a vital initiative to maximize the cloud. Nubeva enables organizations to deliver security everywhere both in-cloud and off-cloud.
2. Supporting an organization’s choice of technology: Best of breed means something different to each organization. Organizations select technologies, build technology stacks and rip and replace based on business requirements and technology innovations in the marketplace. Nubeva is committed to supporting our customers, regardless of what tools, processes and expertise they have selected.
3. Provide Affordable Solutions: To provides best of breed security for all, the solution must be affordable. The cloud is the global IT delivery platform of the future. The cloud allows for commoditize computing with simple services. As Nubeva is a cloud service full born in the cloud, we maintain the promise of affordability in order to provide best-of-breed solutions to all.

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Q: What is Nubeva Prisms? How does it work?

A: Nubeva Prisms enable companies to run their selected security technologies that they want inside the public cloud. The cloud-native “agent” or sensor acts as a cloud packet broker, enabling companies to leverage their existing security policies and preferred tool sets in the cloud. Nubeva Prisms allow for:

● Acquisition of traffic from the public cloud including windows and Linux VMs, containers and container services, and generic mirrors using newly announced cloud platform taps and zero-touch sensors to see all cloud packet traffic.
● Processing by aggregating, and filtering traffic using leading-edge, elastic processing services inside cloud subscriptions, minimizing impact on resources and exit charges.
● Distribution and replication to individual tools or load balanced clusters in-cloud, or to legacy tools on-premises (off-cloud) in private data centers for maximum flexibility and investment protection.
● Policy-driven software delivers customized services in order to achieve advanced visibility, grooming, filtering, or other monitoring.

Nubeva is a cloud native company. As such, Nubeva Prisms is:
● Built for cloud first, using leading edge cloud capabilities (e.g. PaaS, containers, Kubernetes, Lambdas, vs. IaaS operating models)
● Elastic, resilient, scalable up and down
● Instantly available, on demand, globally
● Cloud agnostic – AWS, Azure, Google
● Able to integrate with any orchestration and management systems via complete programming interfaces
● Built in REST API, allowing integration with enterprises platform strategies
● Simple to use yet sophisticated in capability
● Economic, offering easy entry points and pay-per-consumption models
● Complete, without compromise in source or tool functionality
● Available for both inline and out of band tasks, architectures and deployment options
● Lowest total cost of ownership in the market

Q: Why do we need solutions that allow access and visibility into cloud packets?

A: Enterprises that migrate resources to the public cloud are concerned with visibility and control of their cloud environments. It’s the No. 1 inhibitor of cloud migration. IT needs the continued ability to detect possible threats, perform data forensics and take needed security measures with all data flowing in the public cloud. To gain this needed visibility, IT must enable teams with mission critical tools and procedures to monitor cloud networks. To enable monitoring, organizations require access to:

a. Flow Logs – High level, trivial data collection from flow logs.
b. Data in Motion – Full inspection of data inside packets moving in, out and around the cloud. For security monitoring, this data is vital for intrusion detection, malware detection, DLP, incident response, forensics and recovery. For application and network monitoring, this data fuels troubleshooting, monitoring and planning.

Q: You’ve recently announced a partnership agreement with Garland Technology; could you tell us something more?

A: Our agreement with Garland Technology creates a solution in which Nubeva Prisms sends information to Garland’s high-performance network taps. The solution provides network visibility to information technology teams for both on-premise and cloud workloads. This solution creates more confidence in IT systems as organizations migrate applications to the cloud.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Nubeva will push the envelope in this public cloud SaaS category. Offering increasingly advanced, automated functionality with cloud level flexibility and disruptive costs.

This simply means providing public cloud users with low cost netflow generation, SSL and SSH decryption visibility, and tool automation and scaling to focus, initially, on easy operation and massive scaling of open source tools like Bro, zeek, suricata, moloch and others. In essence our vision is to unlock and enable total packet level monitoring and visibility for public cloud, making it easy and affordable.