NUADU Raises $1.2M To Provide An Interactive Data-Driven Personalized Learning Environment

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NUADU provides an interactive Data-Driven Personalized Learning Environment integrated with the core educational curriculums of most countries in the world. Below is our recent interview with Michal Liberak, Marketing Manager at NUADU:
Michal Liberak

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to NUADU?

A: We believe that everyone can achieve greatness. We use technology to improve the quality of global education by ensuring objectivity and universal access. From the start, our goal has been clear: Build the most effective skill and knowledge evaluation tool on the market. The result is a powerful and unique assessment-focused personalized learning environment. NUADU offers educators access to an extensive database of core-curriculum-aligned questions, homework assignments, tests, and quizzes and gives them access to a powerful set of evaluation tools. With NUADU, educators can adjust the difficulty level, length, and type of exercise to match individual learners’ skills. Students are also empowered. With NUADU, they can complete activities using any digital device, get real-time feedback, and easily monitor their progress on the NUADU dashboard. The system is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) to ensure that educators and students can stay focused on learning. NUADU takes care of the rest, including installation, maintenance, and technical upgrades. The system learns student behavior, patterns, errors, answers etc. Based on this information, we are able to build a digital profile of each student and offer personalized learning resources and design unique learning paths. For educators, the system also offers far-reaching assistance in management, verification, and assessment of knowledge.

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Q: You have recently raised $1.2M, could you tell us more about your latest funding round?

A: We already have a strong foothold in the Asian market. We are going to push our business there harder. There are clients to be won and partners to be interested in cooperation. Also, our adaptive, data-driven learning system needs continuous development to meet the demands of users and educational publishers who use our platform to distribute their resources to schools, teachers, and students. Also, NUADU as a standalone iOS & Android app designed for customer market is making its way in final stages of development.

Q: What were the main challenges you faced in developing the company?

A: Getting the right team & getting the foreign markets right. These challenges seem to have no end as the business is scaling up and the product is leveling up.

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Q: Do you think educational systems will embrace the changes your company brings?

A: Well, it might seem that it already happened. We are reading the reports. There is a worldwide call for standardization of the national tests results, while the teachers and schools are going strong and nothing is going to replace this combination. There are national curricula and the learning content is easy to digitize and distribute. NUADU is rooted in a deep understanding of the 21st-century students and teachers. Today’s students not only face an increasingly competitive education system but also new and unprecedented levels of distraction. Keeping students engaged is more important and more difficult than ever before. NUADU responds to today’s unique educational challenges by offering a solution designed to facilitate knowledge consolidation and support every type of evaluation, but we are not going to disrupt anything in the process of education. We are going to facilitate it. And this is not a wishful thinking. We already have the user base. We know that users actually make use of the platform and we know how their scores have changed over the time with us. For the educational system, NUADU is transparent. It just runs silently under its surface. Like a good tech should.