NoBroker Offers – Hassle Free House Hunting Powered By Technology

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NoBroker’s business model makes them different from other players and this difference is their core competitive advantage in the market. NoBroker has solved a complex problem in the most simple and straightforward way. They analyzed the entire value chain of house hunting and replaced everything that the broker offers with technology. The people at NoBroker believe that looking for a house should be a happy, convenient and cost-effective experience. And that’s what NoBroker offers – hassle free house hunting. On their website you can find smart recommendations based on real-time data – something which an offline broker cannot provide effectively. NoBroker helps the customer in making an informed decision. Below is our interview with Amit Kumar Agarwal, Founder & CEO of NoBroker:


Q: What’s the achievement Nobroker is most proud of?

A: The biggest impact and achievement we have made so far is that we have helped our customers save their hard earned money which they have been able to use for their health care, better education and quality life. Till date we have helped our customers save more than 500 crores in brokerage. We have served over 2.3 million customers making NoBroker the world’s largest C2C real estate platform. is adding 1.5 lakh customers on a monthly basis and witnessing 7.5 lakh customer connections every month.

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Q: Do you have any particular advice on business strategy and execution to future executives and tech entrepreneurs?

A: Always ask yourself, am I solving a real problem? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track. It’s very important for every product or solution to address an inefficiency. And it’s wise to be a tortoise in the race- learn, improvise and execute.

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: In the next six months we will scale up and expand geographically across the country. We will also be developing other verticals like residential resale, commercial rental etc. with every step we take we want to help people save more and more in brokerage.