NobelBiz Helps Contact Centers Worldwide Achieve Their Maximum Productivity Potential

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Below is our recent interview with Steve Bederman, President and CEO at NobelBiz:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to NobelBiz?

A: If I were to simplify what we do at NobelBiz, I would put it this way: we help contact centers worldwide achieve their maximum productivity potential.

We do this by offering the only telecom carrier designed from the ground up to serve the demands of the heavy call-center-specific traffic, paired with an industry-leading omnichannel cloud contact center software and unique customer-centric support procedures that make us the promise keepers of the industry.

NobelBiz is on a growth path. During and after the pandemic, NobelBiz responded by ‘staying the course.’ Continued branding, product development, staff training, and encouragement led to stability. Stability led to step-by-step replacement of lost revenue. This ultimately allowed us to mature in the contact center technology space.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: NobelBiz is on a path of integrations with the ‘best of breed’ technologies. Contact Centers use Omni+ solutions to ensure agile communication with their audience. There is a wide range of specialty software that, when connected to Omni+, assure ‘Contact Center Perfection’!

NobelBiz has been on a quest to partner with only the best!

An extraordinary example of this is our integration with Safe Select. This is the finest tool for Contact Centers to ensure communication within regulations. NobelBiz will continue down this path to assure its clients and the market all the tools they need to succeed.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: A complete contact center solution refers to the entirety of the tools, software, and services combined to create the technological infrastructure needed for a contact center to run its operations and fulfill its business goals. The NobelBiz cloud contact center solution is lean, flexible, and scalable, allowing contact center owners and managers to use their time and financial resources smartly and securely.

To achieve the status of a complete contact center solution, we’ve combined our two primary products, offering one of the most robust solutions on the market.

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network:

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network is built from the ground up to serve the contact center industry, having no rivals in terms of services, coverage, and pricing. NobelBiz offers one of the most versatile selections of intelligent tools designed to increase contact rates and productivity, help mitigate the impacts of call labeling and blocking, and provide overall compliance. This is why we provide top-of-the-line telecom services to some of the largest contact centers in the space.

  • Increase contact rates and productivity
  • Manage everything via the self-service platform
  • Access all-round compliance tools
  • Get the best cost/quality ratio & more

NobelBiz OMNI+

The NobelBiz OMNI+ cloud call center software is designed to complement our carrier solution, taking it to new heights of performance and usability. NobelBiz OMNI+ has a unique blend of capabilities: from Omnichannel, Impressive API integrations, and fast implementation to simple cross-channel campaign setup and remote work. NobelBiz OMNI+ is a customizable powerhouse of productivity that can be easily deployed with little to no interruptions.

  • Built-in omnichannel capabilities
  • Impressive API Integrations
  • Simple yet powerful cross-channel campaign setup
  • Work-from-home capabilities & more

Q: What can we expect from NobelBiz in the next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: As part of our mission, we want to ensure that our clients are always one step ahead of the times regarding technology, compliance, workforce management, and so on.

Today, NobelBiz has taken its place amongst the leaders of the new generational strategies of contact centers. In this, the next six months offer growth and the acknowledgment in the space that if a contact center wants great tech, fair pricing, well-trained staff, and the unique Promise Keeping approach to client relationships, this is the right choice.

We have reinforced our position as a trusted partner to the industry. We are producing knowledge-based content and a commonsense approach to matching tech with the need for contact centers.

Our plate is full of new partnerships and integrations that we will gradually announce, including a workforce management tool, more compliance-related improvements, speech analytics capabilities, and so on.

In short, the future is going to be amazing!

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Q: What is the best thing about NobelBiz that people might not know about?

A: People know us as one of the many technology providers in the contact center space. Probably one of the most important – and less known – differentiator is that our number one priority is keeping our client’s operations up and running at any cost, with little to no interruptions.

There’s no need to mention how important fast and reliable customer support is for contact centers. Every second of downtime means the world to them, losing money, credibility, and business opportunities. However, so many CCaaS providers fail to rise to this task.
This is why we wanted to become the promise keepers of the industry and offer the best and most reliable customer support services on the market.

As a consequence, when asked why they choose to move forward with NobelBiz, many of our new customers always mention two key reasons: Great Tech and Outstanding Support.