NextGen Leads – A Lead Generator Focusing On The Insurance Sector

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Below is our recent interview with George Mueller, Vice President, Sales & Operations at NextGen Leads:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to NextGen Leads?

A: NextGen Leads is a lead generator focusing on the insurance sector. What sets us apart from the competition is our focus on technology, customer experience and quality. We’ve been able to leverage our knowledge of both online marketing and insurance to to provide the highest quality leads and best user experience in the industry. We strive to redefine how leads are generated and purchased by offering transparent services that suit every operation. By staying true to our values, we’ve been able to grow both our customer base and our stellar reputation. Today, we’re more than just a lead provider, we’re a crucial partner to thousands of customers, and work tirelessly to optimize and scale their businesses.

Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of NextGen Connect; could you tell us a little bit more about this new feature and how it helps increase contact rates?

A: NextGen Connect is a free-to-use text messaging service designed to improve customer contact and close rates by sending a customizable text message to leads purchased through the NextGen platform. We have already seen a significant boost to contact rates from using NextGen Connect, and expect this improvement to increase as we test new messages. We think it boils down to this: the number of consumers using mobile devices to search for information online is steadily increasing, so consumer expectations have changed. When a consumer is searching for insurance on their mobile phone, they expect to be contacted in a mobile friendly way and on their own terms. By engaging consumers through text messages, and facilitating inbound calls to our customers, we are able to closely match consumer expectations with the means that our customers have to serve them.

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Q: Why NextGen? What sets your leads apart from others?

A: NextGen Leads sets itself apart in a few ways. First, we have a full time split testing and design team constantly testing our funnels to generate some of the highest converting leads on the market. We truly do let our product speak for itself, which is why we don’t require funding minimums, contracts, or commitments.

Second, we understand the insurance agent’s perspective. Agents are able to create and customize campaigns to filter leads based on their specific criteria, start and stop campaigns with no restrictions, and optimize their source mix with the help of our Account Management team. Our dashboard is so intuitive, the majority of our customers choose to run their accounts completely autonomously.

Lastly, we are transparent about where our leads come from. Most of our leads are internally generated from the highest quality sources. However, we also give our customers the ability to opt into our Partner Network, which offers high converting leads from trusted publishers. Opting into the Partner Network is optional, but most of our customers find that a mix of both internally generated leads and Partner Network leads yields the best results.

Q: What are the types of leads you currently generating?

A: When NextGen Leads was founded in 2014, it focused 100% on internally generated Health Insurance leads. Today, while Health Insurance remain our biggest vertical, we’ve also successfully expanded into the Medicare Supplement and Life Insurance verticals. We’ll be launching Auto Insurance in March 2019.

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Q: Are there any future plans for exciting new products or verticals we should be looking forward to?

A: Yes! Our next major launch is Premium Listings, which will allow customers to show a customized ad, complete with pictures and contact information, to each lead they purchase. After that, we’ll be launching our Auto Insurance vertical. We know there is incredible opportunity to disrupt the Auto Insurance industry, and we are looking forward to expanding our product to offer the same high quality leads and platform for agents and agencies alike.

If you’re in the market for Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Medicare Supplement, or Life Insurance leads, make sure to reach out to us today! One of our friendly representatives will help you get started.