Real Time Call Verification Company Next Caller Helps You Increase Your Sales Conversion

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Next Caller ensures positive customer experience by protecting the phone channel from fraud with real-time verification technology. Their API recognizes and identifies ANI spoofing by analyzing the carrier-level metadata of every call, then delivering a threat-level analysis in milliseconds. This allows their clients to take action when fraudulent calls are detected, and to “green-light” real customers to give them the call experience that they deserve. Next Caller is the fastest, most accurate solution on the market. Below is our interview with Sam Espinosa, SVP, Sales & Marketing at Next Caller:


Q: You’ve recently announced $5 Million Series A funding round; could you tell us something more?

A: The recent raise brings our total raise amount to over $11M dollars. This Series A enables us to expand our team, and dedicate resources to expanding our service, and our serviceable market.

Q: What Next Caller’s story, how did you start?

A: Actually, where we started isn’t quiet where we are today. Originally, Next Caller was created to reinvent Caller ID (which had become an obsolete technology once mobile phones dominated the market over landlines). But, advancing Caller ID isn’t enough if a criminal can simply manipulate their phone number and trick a business into thinking they are a real customer. This is referred to as “Spoofing.” We leveraged our experience revolutionizing the Caller ID industry to stop phone fraud before it starts. We monitor every call that comes into a business before it gets to an agent, and send an alert whenever a call is manipulated by a fraudster. This allows businesses to fight criminals instantly, and make life a lot easier on customers.

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Q: Who are the primary clients of Next Caller?

A: We work with any organization or business that is vulnerable or susceptible to phone fraud. Typically this includes banks and financial institutions, government agencies, and retail, travel, insurance, telecommunication, and healthcare companies.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Over the next year, Next Caller will focus our resources on R&D to better identify and protect against new phone fraud techniques. In the process, we plan to expand our suite of services to include features and functionality that enhance capabilities and overall performance.

Last Updated on April 7, 2018