New Collaboration Platform Zillable Combines All Productivity Tools: Chat, Kanban Boards, Document Collaboration, Cloud Storage – In One Place

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Zillable is a user-centric, consumer-grade collaboration platform designed to transform the worker experience and drive company success. Zillable eliminates app fatigue, shadow IT, and information silos. Below is our recent interview withEmily Duncan, Marketing & Public Relations Manager at Zillable:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Zillable?

A: Sure! Zillable’s an awesome new collaboration platform for teams big and small. It combines all the big productivity tools everybody’s using – chat, Kanban boards, online document collaboration, cloud storage, note-taking and more – in one place. Plus, Zillable’s built on a social framework, so it’s easy to use.

With native apps like chat, boards, online document collaboration, and more, Zillable boosts team engagement and innovation – all while providing the security and bird’s eye point of view of company data that big enterprises crave.

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Q: You’ve recently announced the release of a new feature: document templates for zDoc; tell us something more?

A: Right, zDoc templates. zDoc is our real-time, simultaneous document collaboration tool. Think Google Docs but better. It’s one of the three pillars of Zillable’s platform: team communication, project management, and document collaboration – these are the essential elements of teamwork regardless of role, department or company type. The templates feature that we’ve recently added is a way for you to create and save templates that you need for your business and make sure they’re shared with the people who need them.

Never again go searching for an old document – whether it’s an invoice, presentation, press release, contract, anything – to model a new one after. No more clumsy copying of word documents or accidentally saving over the “template” version. Plus, we have a handful of fun, handy pre-loaded templates so you don’t have to go searching for how to write a press release, take notes on a call, and so on. We think it’ll save a lot of people a lot of time that’s being wasted on searching through old documents or re-inventing the wheel every time you need something. Essentially, templates can be used for knowledge-sharing and process automation.

Q: What makes Zillable’s document collaboration unique?

A: Honestly, zDoc (Zillable’s answer to document collaboration) takes a stab at reinventing the word processing sphere. Word processing, as we know it, really hasn’t evolved much in a long time, while technology and the way we communicate and express ourselves has. zDoc is pretty different. It offers real-time online document collaboration and co-authoring so your team can contribute to and edit documents simultaneously. And it’s dynamic: you can add tasks, polls, gifs, checklists, images, and more to documents, so you’re telling the whole story in one place how you want to tell it. No more losing important, relevant content or comments in emails. Every document has chat and annotation built in. zDoc even lets you easily reference other network content for context – no need for duplicate uploads on the network – or @mention teammates within the document.

zDoc can be used as an open canvas to build and collaborate on all types of documents or pages with zero programming skills. You can also see who contributed what part of each document, add tweets and videos, share the document and add relevant files and references seamlessly, access previous automatically saved drafts of the document, and export it as a PDF or Word document (for those old fogies that aren’t on Zillable yet).

Plus, zDoc integrates seamlessly with Zillable’s other collaboration tools so you never need to look far for the information, conversations, documents, and tools you need to do you work. That’s the most unique part of all – that this tool works with all the other tools you need on this one incredible platform.

Q: What are your plans for the next four months?

A: Oh boy, lots of big plans! We’ve just added some new features – this is a bit of an inside scoop – we’ve revamped the Notebook tool (which is for note-taking, saving things for yourself for later, making to do lists, etc.) and added instant direct messaging (to accompany the team chat tool already on the platform). Most exciting, we have added a video chat/video conferencing feature to the platform! Enhancing our analytics and AI-capabilities is on the roadmap, and we’re starting to look into how blockchain technology can be used to protect customer data. And finally, we just got back from the South by Southwest Trade Show! It was a blast to be in Austin chatting about what we do with like-minded nerds, so we’re still riding that high.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Zillable?

A: There are a lot of good reasons to start using Zillable today!

For enterprises, it combats the monster problem of Shadow IT – that is, all the apps and tech and sites your teams are using that you don’t even know about and can’t monitor for data breaches. Since Zillable replaces pretty much all of those tools with one secure, easy-to-monitor platform (and apps for going mobile), you can breathe a lot easier. Beyond that, moving your company’s documents, workflows, communication, and so on onto one platform gives you a rare opportunity to gather big data, see the big picture on how your company runs, and optimize everything. Not to mention the tremendous cost savings a company will enjoy by employing one app vs. the 5 separate ones it would take to achieve the same functionality!

Another major unique capability Zillable offers is the ability to communicate across Networks – meaning employees can now collaborate, chat, and manage projects with their 3rd party partners such as clients, vendors and consultants. It’s a dramatic change, how much time can be saved between no longer having to depend on emails, sending attachments, and waiting for tasks to get done when doing your job day-to-day. Think about everything you do that’s affected by communicating internally and with outside trusted partners. If Zillable saved even just 1 hour per week for every employee within a company based on all of the above efficiencies, what would that mean to an employer’s bottom line over 52 weeks a year?

On an individual level, it cuts your apps and subscriptions way down. If you’re using project management and productivity tools – or even just chat or cloud storage and document sharing services – you’re going to get a lot more bang for your buck on Zillable, because we have all of it. With our top-level Enterprise platform, an organization on average could cut their collaboration app costs by 70% using Zillable instead of the 5 (or more) separate ones you’d need to achieve the same productivity.

Besides, how much longer can we deal with the constant app proliferation? It’s tiresome to have to open a million tabs and apps to do your work. It can be frustrating and time consuming to switch between them and even worse if you have to find information locked up in the silos created by this app-for-every-little-thing culture. With Zillable, you have the information you need, when you need it – one app for everything. Easy.