Neil Shmuely And Vibe Talent Set New Standards In Data, AI, And Cybersecurity Recruitment

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Neil Shmuely is the Founder at Vibe Talent, a premier talent firm specializing in data, AI, and cybersecurity. Vibe is committed to driving the future of businesses both large and small, by matching them with the brightest innovators of today. The company helps employers and candidates “vibe” with by helping them find the best talent, and take the next step in their careers, respectively.

Shmuely founded his company after 15 years of leadership roles in Talent Acquisition and Strategy. He has a strong background in transforming organizations into talent and technology powerhouses. Unlike many who find themselves in the field by accident, Neil was driven by a genuine passion for helping people secure their dream roles and for constructing outstanding companies from the ground up.

Vibe’s approach stands out from its competitors by aiming to shape the future of organizations through connecting them with today’s brightest innovators, rather than simply completing a hiring transaction.

Neil Shmuely is willing to take risks and encourages others to do the same. His business is built on “gaining trust – through honesty, hard work, and servant leadership,” Shmuely shared in a recent interview. These values are at the core of everything he does, fostering a sense of trust and respect among his clients and colleagues.

Neil Shmuely’s Career & Background

Before founding Vibe Talent, Shmuely was a Managing Director in the Cyber Practice at Deloitte.

Neil has a distinguished history of revolutionizing talent acquisition methodologies, building proactive pipelines, enhancing diversity hiring, and optimizing hiring metrics across global teams at some of the world’s most prestigious companies.

In previous roles, such as Vice President at Contino and Director, Head of Technology & Transformation TA at MUFG, Shmuely demonstrated his ability to transform recruitment infrastructures and spearhead innovative sourcing strategies. His efforts have resulted in faster delivery, improved candidate and hiring leader experiences, and strengthened employer brands.

During his tenure as VP at Contino, Neil Shmuely played a pivotal role in transforming the consultancy into a faster, more agile, and competitive entity. His strategic initiatives helped large, heavily regulated enterprises transition into nimble companies of the future. His time at MUFG was equally significant, and shaped the trajectory of his career.

“While I have had many great moments in my career, one that sticks out was when I led all of Technology & Transformation recruitment for MUFG, one of the largest financial institutions in the world,” Shmuely said. “This was my first ‘major’ leadership role, and being trusted to lead a modern digital transformation buildout from a hiring perspective was an incredible opportunity.”

Neil’s journey in talent acquisition began at Patriarch Partners, an $8 billion private equity firm with 76 portfolio companies across 8 industry sectors. As an Executive Recruiter, he led executive-level searches for portfolio companies while executing a broader fund-related recruitment strategy, solidifying his expertise in the field.

Neil Shmuely Is Thrilled To Launch Vibe

Vibe Talent operates under the motto “Empowering Your Business for Tomorrow, With the Innovators of Today.”

Specializing in data, AI, and cybersecurity, Vibe distinguishes itself by transforming the hiring process with its unique and innovative approach.

“With other firms, you experience a hiring transaction; with Vibe, you gain a partner,” Shmuely said.

Vibe’s recruiting practices are dynamic and unique, driven by the visionary leadership of Neil Shmuely. Shmuely works closely with companies to transform their technology landscapes, providing strategic advice that fosters growth and skill development. He focuses on building robust talent communities, ensuring companies have access to the right talent at the right time.

Under Shmuely’s guidance, Vibe recruiters proactively source for current and future needs, starting the pipelining process well in advance to ensure seamless execution. This forward-thinking approach enables companies to stay ahead of the curve, continuously enhancing their workforce with top-tier data, AI, and cybersecurity professionals.

Vibe Talent’s Service Offerings

Retained Executive Search: Vibe’s Executive Search service is designed to connect organizations with top-tier leadership talent in the fields of Data, AI, and Cybersecurity. Vibe’s tailored approach ensures that they identify and engage executives who possess the vision, expertise, and experience to lead their clients into the future, today.

Team Boost: Need to hire a variety of roles with hard-to-find skills, and fast? Vibe’s flexible team boost model provides ongoing recruiting partnership to build dream teams. Think of Team Boost as a flexible subscription model that serves as your team’s recruiting engine during its most important growth stages.

The company stands out from traditional agencies with its specialized focus and innovative approach. Unlike traditional agencies that aim to serve broad arenas, Vibe Talent dedicates itself to the Data, AI, and Cyber world. This focus allows them to develop a deep understanding of the space, build an engaged network of versatile talent, and create a business model that adapts to the evolving needs of its clients.

Regarding pricing, Vibe Talent breaks away from the expensive and rigid fee structures typical of traditional search firms. They offer a partnership pricing model for mid and senior-level leadership searches and a success-based and scalable subscription model. This approach aligns their success with their clients, fostering a true partnership in building broader teams.

Vibe Talent also enhances its clients’ hiring capabilities with each search. Leveraging their experience in recruiting leadership from top companies globally, they help clients develop attraction and engagement strategies, apply robust interviewing and assessment techniques, and share best practices to maximize hiring quality.

The Future Is Bright For Coach Shmuely

When Neil Shmuely sat down for a recent interview, he emphasized that his family is his greatest source of inspiration. He also expressed gratitude for the amazing professional relationships and bonds he has built throughout his career.

Shmuely acknowledges that maintaining a healthy work-life balance requires intentional effort.

“At the end of the day, if I feel like I have put myself all in for my family and work, I feel pride,” he said.

For Neil, success is defined by health and happiness. “If you are healthy and happy, everything else is ancillary,” he shared.

He enjoys giving back to the community and future leaders in his free time. “When I am not helping my clients build and transform their businesses, I coach every local youth sports team that I can,” he says with a big smile.

When asked about an entrepreneur or business leader who inspires him, Shmuely pointed to Elon Musk. “His continuous ability to build, pivot, and innovate across a wide variety of industries and technologies is astounding,” Shmuely notes. “He’s also a pioneer in the AI field and recently noted that the war for talent in AI is the craziest recruiting landscape he has ever seen. This commentary is one of the reasons we feel that now is the perfect time to launch Vibe.”

Looking Ahead

Neil Shmuely’s visionary approach at Vibe Talent epitomizes his dedication to excellence in the talent acquisition industry and personal and professional growth. At the heart of his work is a commitment to crafting strong teams that drive technological and industry advancements.

Under Shmuely’s leadership, Vibe Talent aims to redefine the parameters of executive search and team building, emphasizing a partnership-based approach rather than the transactional methods often seen in the industry. His forward-thinking strategies ensure that Vibe remains at the forefront, enabling companies to enhance their operations and maintain a competitive edge.

As Neil Shmuely continues to inspire those around him with his entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation, his influence extends beyond the professional realm, enriching his community through coaching and mentorship. His journey is a testament to the profound impact of leading with integrity, vision, and a deep-seated commitment to people at work and beyond.