MiroMind: Properly Implemented Search Engine Optimization Has The Potential To Turn A Business From Small To Large

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Below is our recent interview with Dmitriy Shelepin, President & SEO Strategist at MiroMind:

Q: Could you tell us something more about MiroMind and your services?

A: Miromind is an all-in digital agency: we have amazing specialists who cater to a wide range of online needs from custom-built websites or website revamp to local, multi-location and national search engine optimization services.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: With search engine optimization being our core service, we believe that true success lies within the integrated approach. As part of our SEO packages, we work closely with every aspect of the online presence: onsite (conversion rate optimization, user-friendliness, SEO-friendliness, website structure, keyword distribution, etc.) as well as offsite (thorough white hat outreach strategy, local SEO optimization, online reputation management and more). Which is why our approach to every client is unique and custom-designed after careful evaluation of the niche, industry, competition, and consideration of business goals.

Our primary goal is leads, not just traffic: that is how we measure the progress of our efforts. Our end goal is the ROI the business gets by using our services. Therefore, we use the complex approach: we have a team of web designers, web developers, content writers specializing in various industries and niches, outreach specialists and of course extremely talented SEO strategists with a solid technical background. Although SEO is what we specialize in, I believe that every SEO specialist should be backed by the technical and creative team.

Moreover, we have industry-savvy team members: finance, tech and IT, healthcare, enterprise SEO. Our core principle is that to connect the clients and the business we need to understand both the market and the nature of their services as well as the needs of potential clients. In-depth understanding and the industry-savvy team allows us to structure all our activities optimally. This industry-specific approach delivers the traffic that is looking for services, not just any traffic that will more likely bounce.

This is what we call ‘integrated’ approach: when we target not only rankings or traffic but target the conversions. I believe, this is what is behind the success of any SEO venture. If your goal is traffic, you can optimize for high-frequency keywords, but out of 1000 visits maybe 1 will convert. However, when your end goal is conversions, you do everything to ensure business growth: you optimize for targeted, relevant keywords, you track the rankings of the most valuable keywords that deliver leads, not just ‘traffic’ and you make sure that the website is user-friendly and engaging. All this we do here under one roof at Miromind: a strong team of specialists that work in coherence to deliver the best results that will make your business more profitable, driving efficiency out of every budget.

Q: From your perspective how can search engine optimization change a business owner’s life and Why should business care about SEO?

A: Properly implemented search engine optimization has the potential to turn a business from small to large. SEO delivers the highest ROI than any other form of advertising. Firstly, people who come to the website via the organic search are looking for these products/services: to find a business they have to use the keywords the website is optimized for. Secondly, today most people turn to Google to find and research the services/products before making a purchase decision. Thus well-implemented online strategy gives a business an opportunity to build trust, tell about their business and get discovered by potential customers, so it only makes sense that SEO is crucial for any business that has the ambition for growth and development, whether it is local or international. SEO will bring the opportunities to the business owners that they would not get with any other form of advertising.

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Q: Where do most businesses get it wrong when it comes to doing Search Engine Optimization themselves?

A: I cannot answer this question, as given that every business is unique, approach to SEO is unique for every company. It is like being your own lawyer without really possessing the right qualifications or knowing the consequences: you might get lucky, or you might experience a considerable loss and make many mistakes that will cost even more money than hiring a lawyer right from the get-go.

To point out the most common mistakes: not optimal website structure and keyword distribution, toxic backlinks that hurt the rankings and sometimes even cause Google sanctions, inappropriate resources and budget allocation (investing in activities that will not deliver the results) to name a few.

Thus, just like in the example with the lawyer, it is always best to invest in a highly trained SEO specialist, rather than tackling everything on your own. Your SEO efforts will deliver quality results faster without wasting your time and money.