Mintigo AI Delivers An Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform That Uses AI To Translate The Foundational Data Into Insights

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Below is our recent interview with William Pappa, Sales Director of Mintigo:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Mintigo?

A: Large B2B organizations in any industry considering an ABM strategy or that have not yet fully committed to their ABM platform provider/technology stack, should take a deeper look at Mintigo AI. It is one of the most advanced AI-assisted ABM platforms with a massive global enterprise data set, and the vendor’s approach to ABM is tuned to the strategic objectives of each of its customers. This allows for a fast start and also optimizes the value gained by using the platform. The platform supports integration with a wide variety of CRM, marketing automation solutions, and campaign orchestration platforms, which makes it easier to integrate with existing IT landscapes.

Q: William, you’ve recently been accepted into the Forbes Business Development Council; could you tell us something more?

A: I am extremely excited and honored to be joining such a highly respected organization. Forbes Business Development Council provides me access to industry professionals and thought leaders on an entirely new level. I look forward to connecting and collaborating with fellow industry leaders and leveraging the organization to grow both personally and professionally.

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Q: How did you revolutionize B2B marketing?

A: Mintigo AI Is one of the most advanced AI-assisted ABM platforms, and the claim that it provides the brain on top of the ABM technology has merit. In addition to the more common intent signals-sensing capabilities, Mintigo has developed and continuously refreshes one of the largest B2B data sets, currently standing at 25 million organizations and on a global scale. In common with all the ABM specialist vendors, its focus is on helping marketing and sales through deeper insights. What is uncommon is the depth and approach taken to prevent false positives clogging up the pipeline and frustrating the relationship between sales and marketing.

Q: Can you give us insights into your solutions?

A: The data science and AI-savvy founders have developed an account-based intelligence platform that spans the entire ABM lifecycle and helps marketing and sales act in concert for their common objectives. Mintigo’s intelligence-gathering capability is supported through machine learning and natural language processing. Over the years the vendor has developed an extensive data set of around 25 million enterprises and can monitor 5,000 attributes to detect intent signals and account movements that might imply significant change or the challenges being faced in addition to deep firmographics such as technologies used and hiring trends.

Different teams at the same company might use Mintigo to discover ideal target accounts for any desired business outcome without needing a data scientist. Models can be created to suit the specific objectives determined at the outset, such as driving the ABM program, improving retention, cross- selling and upselling, or entering new markets. This adaptable approach helps build confidence in ABM among marketing and sales teams and avoids generating unwanted clutter from false positives. To share the insights and signals on accounts without overwhelming marketing and sales with too much data, each client can decide to filter attributes and monitor the most relevant signals.

The cornerstone of success with ABM is to focus on those accounts and opportunities that play to the strengths of the organization, and Mintigo starts by analyzing historic first-party data to generate an ideal customer profile in as little as 30 minutes. Enterprises with similar attributes are then identified within Mintigo’s data set, and their activities on the web are monitored. Rather than jump to conclusions at every signal that can clutter up the pipeline, Mintigo looks for sudden surges or spikes of interest that suggest the target enterprises are investigating solutions to their particular problem. A scoring system allied to activity spikes helps determine the stage in the buying process from Mintigo integrates with a broad set of CRM and marketing automation platforms including Marketo, Oracle, and Salesforce as well as providing bulk API integrations to allow enterprises to enrich their data with Mintigo if building data lakes.

To date the vendor has around 80 customers, mostly media, software, and technology companies. Reference customers include Oracle, Red Hat, and Bizible.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: Continue to grow and exceed our customers’ expectations at every turn.