Miller Marchuska Door & Associates Focuses On Financial Services And Growth Industry Recruiting In The US And Europe

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Below is our recent interview with Christine Marchuska, Business Adviser and Co-Founder at Miller Marchuska Door:

Christine Marchuska

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Miller Marchuska Door & Associates?

A: Sure, Miller Marchuska Door & Associates was originally called South Florida Staffing Services, which is now a division of our company, to primarily service a niche demand for public accountants at mid-sized CPA firms in throughout Florida state. However, over time our client and candidate bases grew through word of mouth, demand, and our reputation. So, we rebranded and added additional staff to help with recruitment across the US and parts of Europe in a variety of growth industries as we diversify our business as part of a strategic plan to minimize seasonality. However, we do still have a large focus on financial services and public accountants.

Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: We provide everything from traditional recruitment services of permanent placements to resume review and restructuring to career coaching and development.

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Q: How are you different from other recruiting firms?

A: We have tenured recruiters, consultants, and researchers coming from various backgrounds that have been on the other side of the recruitment business. We are not looking to place a round peg in a square hole like many recruiters do and unfortunately give a bad name to our industry and profession. We are focused on placing top talent and best in class firms. Additionally, we have little turnover at our firm and lower rates than the traditional big recruitment firms who generally churn through their staff who stays six months to a year before moving on to a different company.

Q: What are your clients saying about you? Are they happy with the service?

A: Our clients are very pleased with our services, especially because we service many towns and cities that other large recruitment firms don’t give the time of day to. We also spend a lot of time mentoring and prepping our candidates as well as building long standing relationships with both our clients and candidates. We check in regularly with both sides to make sure the placement is working out and both the hire and the employer is happy. It is crucial to our integrity.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: To have a virtual recruitment firm that expands to all geographies and covers all growth industries. We already cover the US and have some international searches in Europe across public accounting, finance, administrative roles, sales, management, data analysts/scientists, IT roles, cybersecurity and risk management, and HR, but this is only the beginning for Miller Marchuska Door & Associates. There are so many other areas we want to tackle and have such a strong team of recruiters, consultants, researchers, and interns that we believe the sky is the limit for our business.